How to reduce in-game lag and ping with ExitLag

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To reduce lag in online games, gamers can do much more than just move their computer closer to the router.

No matter what games they play, lag is a natural enemy for all gamers. There’s nothing more frustrating than your character teleporting in place over and over again or getting crucial inputs eaten by the server. Unfortunately, tried and true methods like switching to ethernet or freeing up network traffic aren’t always enough, and network problems can often be out of the player’s hands entirely. Luckily for them, ExitLag can instantly improve network performance and reduce lag in any game.

Most gamers think lag is a natural byproduct of the distance between video game players in an online match. Information needing to travel further can impede gameplay, which is why professional gamers play on LAN as often as possible. For example, a player in California can experience delayed inputs and high ping on a server based in New York. However, distance is not the only factor at play when it comes to video game lag.

Network problems are often an invisible cause of poor online play. Server routing refers to the path information uses to get between players and servers. The info jumps between several nodes on a network before reaching its destination, then must take the perilous journey back to the gamer’s computer. If a player’s server routing messes up or loses info on the way, it can easily lead to lost ranked matches. However, one company has already come up with a great solution for this problem, and it comes with a free trial.

How ExitLag works to reduce lag in video games 

ExitLag is a program that uses advanced network routing techniques to reduce lag and ping in online video games.

It does this by routing your information through multiple network nodes at a time. If one route loses some info or gets lost in chaos, all of the other information routes will continue to work as normal. This process repeats for the return trip, snaking along multiple networks until it reaches your computer. 

The result is a visible decrease in ping, lag, and packet loss. Lost information is still accounted for every time, so the server will always receive split-second inputs. For games where every frame matters like League of Legends and Rocket League, improved network capabilities can lead to enhanced performance in ranked.

How to download and try ExitLag for free

Think that instantly reducing lag is too good to be true? ExitLag is currently offering a free trial for players to check the results themselves.

  • Head to the official website and register an account
  • Download the ExitLag program and log in
  • Claim the free three-day trial
  • Select your title and start gaming
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In addition to greatly reducing lag and network problems, ExitLag also comes with other tools to improve game performance. The program’s FPS Booster changes computer priorities to ensure the game always comes first. The Traffic Shaper function routes passive downloads so they can’t interfere with game inputs. The best part is that the three-day free ExitLag trial doesn’t require a credit card, so gamers can try it risk-free before committing to a paid membership.

This article is sponsored by ExitLag.