Here’s how to promote in Deep Rock Galactic

By Nicholas James


Jun 14, 2023

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Promotion is a core part of Deep Rock Galactic‘s gameplay loop, here is our full guide on how to promote your dwarf in Deep Rock Galactic.

Deep Rock Galactic has four classes, each of which has 25 in-game levels. These in-game levels denote tangible power upgrades for each character. Promotion is a way to denote a further dedication to a certain class, letting the best in their role show off their hours in the game. Similar to prestige-style systems, promoting your characters is a way to reset level-ups in exchange for some pretty bling.

What is promotion in Deep Rock Galactic?

Promotion in Deep Rock Galactic is a non-gameplay-affecting level up system that’s mostly meant to be a status symbol or cool commemoration of your efforts. When a dwarf reaches level 25 in Deep Rock Galactic, they have the chance to promote.

How to promote in Deep Rock Galactic

In the hub, there’s an elevator right next to the Pickaxe Customization Station. Riding this elevator up will take you to Memorial Hall. Here you can promote a dwarf, resetting their level but keeping class-specific items earned.

Your first promotion has tangible benefits. The first promotion for each class will rand an Honor Badge, an Active Perk Slot, Machine Event access, new Assignments, Deep Dives, The Forge, a fancy new border depending on your rank, and more cores. After that, promotions are essentially just a way to get extra Matrix Cores. There are 18 promotion ranks, each with three divisions. These are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Legendary.

After the first promotion, unless you really like the cosmetic borders granted by the promotion, there’s no reason you’re forced to promote again. That being said, plenty of players enjoy showing off just how many mining assignments they’ve completed with a new border.

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