How to play online cheaper with Xbox and PlayStation subscriptions

By William Davis


Nov 28, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

November has marked the launch of long-anticipated next-generation consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.

Each new generation in the gaming world brings greater opportunities and reduces limits in executing the most staggering virtual adventures. The launch of next-gen consoles means a myriad of new games and that is a great time to talk about Xbox and PlayStation subscriptions. And with top competitive games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty coming to these new consoles, competitive gamers around the world are excited to see more.

Paid memberships unlock premium benefits not only on the consoles of previous generations as well as on PS5 and the new Xbox Series. Buying gaming subscriptions in the form of a product code from established online retailers like Eneba store is a cheap alternative to enjoying the premium features of your favorite platform. 

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Games Pass is all about the freedom of choice, as subscribers get access to over a hundred games ranging from simplistic indie games to renowned AAA titles. An avid gamer needs a rich selection of games, and this subscription, being oriented around games, is granting that access. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate adds additional benefits.

  • Access to over 100 games on Xbox console, the list is constantly updated
  • Member-exclusive discounts on games and DLCs
  • Advanced accessibility with improved match-making for smooth online gaming

Xbox Live Gold

If you are an avid Xbox gamer, Xbox Live Gold is another subscription to have since it saves funds in the long run. It’s particularly advantageous for players looking to compet, as Xbox Live Gold makes sure the technical side of the multiplayer system is kept smooth.

  • 2 to 4 free games per month (gold-labeled games)
  • Member-exclusive discounts up to 75% for games, DLCs, and more
  • Advanced accessibility with improved match-making for smooth online gaming

PlayStation Now

The increasing popularity of PS Now comes with an advanced streaming system that may just exceed all expectations on a brand new PS5. Run games at groundbreakingly high resolution and stream them at equally high-quality.

  • Access to over 700 games on PlayStation console
  • Instant streaming service on your console and PC;
  • Hundreds of PlayStation games available for download

PlayStation Plus

This PS Plus subscription is an investment that repays in a more versatile manner, saving your funds with discounts, granting significant storage, and more. A devoted PlayStation gamer? This is a subscription to try.

  • Cloud game-saving with up to 100 GB worth of game data on your PlayStation
  • Access to play online games
  • Early access to beta trials of games
  • Up to 2 free games per month (sometimes giving the best AAA games)
  • Exclusive discounts on Playstation Store items as games, DLCs, bundles, and season passes

Gear up for next-gen consoles cheaper

Bearing in mind the potential of the aforementioned subscriptions and the technical advances of next-gen consoles, the result could really be something else. Official stores sell subscriptions at monetary value, while gaming subscriptions that you can get on retail may be cheaper, as sellers are constantly competing in prices, thus potentially saving funds.


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