How to play GTFO during its next free weekend Rundown event

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Co-op horror GTFO is having a free weekend to celebrate its seventh Rundown, but what exactly is a Rundown?

With the introduction of its seventh Rundown, GTFO is hosting a free weekend ending June 20. The four-day event lets players try out the unique mix between survival horror and stealth shooting. Players who enjoy their time in the terrifying Complex can also pick up the game for 25% off. Here’s a quick rundown of how GTFO works and how to get started as a new player.

What kind of game is GTFO?

GTFO is a team-based survival horror game with preset levels and largely random enemy spawns. Players sneak or shoot through levels while searching for supplies and completing objectives.

The big selling point of GTFO is the Rundown system. Every few months, developer 10 Chambers creates a brand-new set of levels and weapons. These collections of levels and content are called Rundowns. Once a Rundown is over, there is no way to play it again. Each Rundown also comes with a story update about the four survivors trapped in the facility.

The majority of gameplay consists of the players exploring new areas and fighting off zombies. Enemies start unaware of the player and coordinated melee kills can clear out rooms quicker and quieter than gunfire. The goal is to escape the facility by performing assigned objectives. These can range from holding a defensive position to hacking into computers to killing a special enemy.

Tips to help free weekend GTFO players

GTFO is a tough game, but there are a few things players should know before diving into the free weekend.

The first tip is to get comfortable with losing. Wiping out results restarting a level, but all of the major objectives stay the same. Certain enemy types like scouts and big strikers appear in the same spots, so remember what went wrong and use it to fuel your next dive. Stick with the top-level missions for the GTFO free weekend since completing the harder levels takes a lot more trial and error.

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Speaking of scouts and big strikers, learning the enemy types is also a big deal. The smaller strikers can be taken out with a single hammer bash, but bigger enemies require more coordinated tactics. Scouts are possible to kill with melee, but it’s easier and safer to just headshot them and fight the surrounding horde. There are also several more terrifying enemy types in GTFO, but they’re more fun as surprises.

Lastly, get familiar with the computers. Terminals can be used to ping out valuable resources like ammo packs and medkits. They can also locate objectives. Knowing how to use terminals is a crucial skill, so make sure someone in your group knows how to work them. Keep in mind that some objectives can involve deciphering codes in a terminal while also fighting off zombies. Fast fingers save lives in those situations.


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