How to pick the best CSGO case opening sites

By William Davis


Jan 16, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Skins, cases, and unique giveaways are among the key features of many of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive case opening sites that went viral in 2013. Today, users have a really nice choice of such sites, and each strives to offer unique skins and prices. 

Yet there are many who have no idea of how case opening sites work. Read this brief guide to learn how they work, whether they are relevant, and what you can expect to find with them.

The profile of CSGO case opening sites

CSGO case opening sites are online platforms where you experience opening lootboxes without actually paying for them or reaping the rewards. The cases for CSGO were first added to the game in 2013 and gained massive popularity. Many of them offer simulated spins of any CSGO case in the game at this time. 

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Most have an animation for the opening similar to the horizontal slot machine style of a case opening in the CSGO client. The trouble is that these sites do not give you the actual reward you would receive for opening a case. Anyone lucky enough to get a $500 knife on their first spin will be left to imagine what would’ve happened if they had dropped the $2.50 in the game instead.

What You May Find in CSGO Cases

Each CSGO case offers a selection of skins that can be had as prizes. Skins can be found in different conditions ranging from squeaky clean “Factory New” to the heavily scuffed and scratched “Battle-Scarred.” There are also varying rarities for each skin, listed here:

Blue Skins – Mil-SpecThey are the lowest grade firearms you may get by unboxing the case. They are also the cheapest;
Purple Skins – RestrictionSkins of middle-value. They do also boast pretty much low prices;
Pink Skins – ClassifiedSkins which greatly vary in price from middle to high-end one, pretty much uncommon to get in cases;
Red SkinsPretty rare, with middle to high prices;
Yellow/Gold Hue SkinsIt particularly concerns knives. They are the most costly weapons. 

How to open a CSGO case

To open a real case in the CSGO client, there are three steps

  1. Get a case. These can be bought from the Steam Community Marketplace or can be obtained via random drop for playing games of CSGO. Before opening, it’s recommended to pick a good case series to open. Some have rare rewards that are worth hundreds of dollars while others have rare rewards worth tens of dollars.
  2. Buy a case key. In your CSGO inventory, right-click the case and select “Unlock Container.” There will be a button at the bottom of the screen to buy a key and open the case. Click it to open the case.
  3. After buying the key and confirming the opening the case, the animation will play and the prize will be added to your inventory.

As with trading cards, people looking for a specific skin are better off just spending the cash to buy it outright. Most skins are available readily in the Steam Community Marketplace.

Other features of CSGO case opening sites

Alongside opening cases, some CSGO case opening sites offer the ability to simulate the Trade Up function in CSGO. Trade Up allows players to “sacrifice” 10 weapon skins in order to get one of a higher rarity.

Some also offer a kind of competitive case opening that sees multiple players facing off. There can be an entry cost to be eligible for the battle. The winner is the one that opens the most expensive item after a certain number of cases or the one who opens the most expensive collection.

Finally, as was hinted above, many sites feature unique giveaways. Competition is fierce in this industry and everyone is looking to attract new customers. One of the most effective ways to do so is with giveaways.

How to pick the best CSGO case opening site

So what’s the best case opening site for you?

It’s worth checking out a wiki such as CounterStrike Fandom to figure out which cases you’re wanting to open. From there, check out the sign-up methods for each site. Many of these case opening simulators don’t require a log-in or have giveaways that require a log-in. 

Ultimately, the best site for an individual will depend on how often they expect to return and what is offered. You should be able to find something that works for you.