How to level up fast in Starfield

By Nicholas James


Sep 15, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Leveling up in Starfield is a crucial part of advancing your character, but it can take forever, so here’s a quick guide on how to level up fast in Starfield.

Starfield works differently from any other Bethesda game, with leveling being tied to perks and challenges. So let’s briefly make sure the basics of leveling up in Starfield are clear. When you gain enough experience through fighting, exploring, crafting, building, and all sorts of activities, you’ll level up and gain a skill point. This skill point can be added to a skill, which unlocks a perk so long as you have finished any qualifying challenges for the skill.

How to level up skills fast in Starfield

Luckily for you, it doesn’t matter what you do to level up, you can use the skill points exactly the same. You won’t have much of a problem leveling up just by playing, but it can help to find particularly effective ways to mass level ups and complete challenges. Luckily there are a few tips we can give prospective outer-space explorers on their upcoming journey through Bethesda’s galaxy.

One of the quickest ways to level up, and to upgrade your Starship-based skills in the Tech tree, is to participate in Starship training. This can be done from the United Colonies Vanguard building. If you haven’t yet joined the UC Vanguard, you will have to complete the training to join it first.

The training involves a steadily escalating series of space fights in which you’re outnumbered by enemy ships and have to navigate through the challenges level by level. Otherwise, we recommend looking at each perk challenge

Ways to increase Starfield XP

  • Well Rested: If you’ve slept a full eight hours, you’ll get a +10% bonus to experience.
  • Emotionally Secure: If you slept a full eight hours with a romanced Starfield companion, you replace the Well Rested bonus with the Emotionally Secure bonus. These do not stack, and you will only receive a total of 15% extra experience from this.
  • Consumables: Some consumables add +2% XP, often tea-based drinks, and these can be used to help slingshot your experience in longer experience grinds.

These can be stacked to grant a whopping 17% extra experience relatively easily, with the vast majority of that coming from resting with a romanced companion.

Ways to level up fast

As strange as it may sound, one of the best ways to level up fast in Starfield is to hunt alien wildlife on the easiest difficulty. The difficulty of Starfield has no effect on the experience you gain while playing. However, it does make killing enemies easier. Given that combat is the most consistent and easily repeated method to level up fast in Starfield, it is the key to most experience farming methods in the game.

Find a wildlife-dense planet to maximize your experience gain. Many fans recommend the Shrodinger system, specifically the planet Shrodinger III. This is full of wildlife that you can scan and then methodically kill over and over in an effort to farm experience. The lower the difficulty of the game when you do this, the better time-to-experience ratio you’ll have.