How to install Elden Ring mods including seamless co-op mod

By Kenneth Williams


May 28, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Elden Ring fans can take a whole adventuring party into the Lands Between thanks to a genius co-op mod, but only if they can get it running. Here’s how to install mods in Elden Ring

After weeks of hype, the Elden Ring seamless co-op mod is now available for public beta. The mod is completely free to use download and use, though it does require some manual setup. The mod also changes a few rules to keep Elden Ring a challenging experience even for a full party of four. Here’s how to get started.

The first step is to head to Nexus Mods and download the Elden Ring Seamless Co-op mod. The beta version is located on creator LukeYui’s page. Note that this step involves creating and verifying an account for Nexus Mods. The download is available from the orange button labeled “Manual.” This will download a ZIP containing two files.

  • SeamlessCoop folder
  • launch_elden_ring_seamlesscoop.exe

Extract them to anywhere on the computer and then open up Steam. Find Elden Ring in your library and right-click on it. Mouse over Manage and you should see an option for “Browse local files.” Select that option and it will pull up the Elden Ring folder.

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From there, drag or paste the SeamlessCoop folder and launch_elden_ring_seamlesscoop.exe into the Game folder. The two files should be mixed in with a bunch of other data. From there, the only setup left is a password.

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Open the SeamlessCoop folder and select the cooppassword file. This will open a Notepad file with a blank field for a password. Pick something that would be difficult to randomly guess. Then inform your fellow Tarnished and have them set the same password in their own cooppassword files.

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Finally, it’s time to start seamless Elden Ring co-op. Navigate to the Game folder again and launch the game using launch_elden_ring_seamlesscoop.exe. Create your character and then read through the short summoning tutorial at the start. All of the mentioned items will automatically be in each player’s inventory. Hosts must use Tiny Great Pots while joiners activate Effigies of Malenia. To leave the session, activate Separating Mist.

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The biggest changes in the Elden Ring co-op mod

The Elden Ring Seamless Co-op mod includes several changes and items to make the new multiplayer system work.

Having triple the damage and health makes Elden Ring considerably easier, but enemies have considerably more health to compensate. Each additional player increases enemy HP by 25% up to a maximum of 175%. They still deal the same amount of damage regardless of party size.

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As for navigation, fast travel works on a voting system. Each player also gets a copy of Torrent and players are completely free to split up across multiple areas. Healing and leveling work the exact same as in the normal game.


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