New Elden Ring co-op mod allows full multiplayer playthroughs

By Kenneth Williams


May 26, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Elden Ring co-op can feel underwhelming for some players, but a new mod lets players take a whole party into the Lands Between.

Elden Ring modders have revealed a complete overhaul mod for co-op play. This new game mode allows players to persist in multiplayer worlds between death while maintaining both mounted combat and fast travel. A beta test for the system is planned for later this week. Here’s when the mod will become available and how to get ready for it.

The new mod completely overhauls the co-op mode of Elden Ring. The biggest change is that players can stick together for the entire game. When one player dies, the other players simply wait until the party rests at a site of grace. Each player can ride Torrent separately and fast travel works on a voting system.

As for loot, each player gets a personal version of every item that drops. It’s not entirely clear how boss weapons and walking mausoleums work, and the video doesn’t show players dropping items for each other. Considering how many details the mod developers have already revealed, there are probably clever answers for the most obvious concerns.

How to download and play the Elden Ring co-op mod

It’s easy to get excited about seamless Elden Ring co-op. Here’s how to download it and play it when it comes out. 

The anticipated release date for the Elden Ring co-op mod is May 27. On that day, the modding group will release the program as a free public download. It should be available on creator LukeYui’s Nexus Mod profile.

The mod will be hosted on Nexus Mods, which is one of the biggest online mod download sites. For players who plan to install it as soon as it comes out, it might be worth the effort to download Nexus Mod manager and get familiar with the interface ahead of time. LukeYui’s previous mods have primarily been manual downloads, so check out some of their previous work to get familiar with Elden Ring modding.


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