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How to inspect skins in CS2

By William Davis


Nov 23, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Skins add a personal touch and strategic layer to your gameplay. But, the need for a clear guide in evaluating their worth can make the process daunting.

Skin inspection is the key to mastering the cosmetic landscape of CS2. It’s not about what you own; it’s about knowing the value of what you and others have.

A quick guide to inspecting skins in CS2

  1. Begin in Inventory: Navigate to the ‘Inventory’ tab from the main menu. Click to enter.
  2. Choose Wisely: Among your collection, select the skin that piques your interest for inspection.
  3. Detailed View: The interface will display attributes such as wear level and rarity.
  4. Close-Up: Use a mouse to zoom in or out, capturing every design nuance.
  5. Assess Value: If trading is of interest, check the skin’s current market price.
  6. Before trading or upgrading, compare your selected skin with others you own.
  7. Wrap-Up: Hit ‘Exit Inspection’ to conclude.

Many websites, like the Clash website, can also be used to learn more about CS2 skins and how to build a worthwhile collection.

Inspecting other players’ skins

Inspection isn’t just for your own CS2 arsenal; it’s a strategy that extends to observing other players’ skins.

By getting close to a player in the game, you can engage the ‘Inspect’ function, commonly bound to an accessible key. This action opens a brief interface where you can quickly size up the quality, wear, and rarity of the skin your opponent is flaunting.


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