How to hunt the new gigantix monsters in Phantasy Star Online 2

Kenneth Williams • July 6, 2021 6:46 pm

Gigantix enemies are larger than life, but well-geared Phantasy Star Online 2 players can grind them down into new augment capsules and armor by following a few handy tips.

Gigantix enemies, true to their name, and massive versions of existing PSO2 bosses. They serve as the biggest threats once can face during exploration. They demand proper end-game gear and strategies, but the rewards are worth the trouble. The new gigantix augment capsules and armor materials are useful for all classes and builds in Phantasy Star Online 2.

Gigantix enemies are heralded by a massive thunderstorm worthy of PSO2’s most challenging bosses. If you see rain and lightning in a 32-player exploration zone, prepare for a tough fight. Some gigantix battles were limited to just three minutes during the open beta, but the minimum has been raised to six minutes in the final release. 


Six minutes may sound like a long time to fight just a single monster, but gigantix enemies have massive health pools that take a lot of effort to wear down. Make sure your Photon Blast is already charged before the fight. Mylla and Youlla or Golla are the best Photon Blasts for taking down gigantix as a support or damage-dealer, respectively. 

Having the right gear can make the difference between a party wipe and your group rolling in fresh augment capsules. Four-star weapons are basically a requirement for fighting gigantix. Level three or four potencies will also be a big help. Foursis Wire’s potential ability provides a massive amount of damage reduction, perfect for fighting bosses that can take out unsuspecting players with a single attack.

Most gigantix enemies are level 24, so players need to be level 20 to deal any substantial damage to them. The level 64 Daityl Sword gigantix near Halphia Lake should be avoided by most players. The gigantix Varas in the southwest corner of the exploration map is the easiest boss to start with in a public party.


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