How to get Epilogue true ending in Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

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The epilogue of the original Stanley Parable is nothing compared to the Ultra Deluxe version.

Now that players have had time to dig into the mind-bending guts of Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe, some are looking to make their way to the final, true ending. There is a real epilogue, but it takes dozens of runs to access. Here’s how to collect all the Stanley figurines and unlock the true ending of Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe.

To get the true ending in Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe, players must collect all six Stanley figures and activate a special reset.

The first step to unlocking the true Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe epilogue is collecting all six of the Stanley figurines hidden around the office. These become available after the Stanley Parable 2 ending. After the first freebie, the five figurines are located in the following areas.

  • A hidden path in the cargo room
  • Across the elevator down to the mind control facility
  • An open closet near the blue and red doors
  • Behind the stairs leading down to the insanity ending
  • In the boss’ private bathroom

The Stanley figurines are the secret to the Ultra Deluxe Epilogue

Once players have acquired all six hidden Stanley figurines, the game will have a special new run on the next reset. In this version of events, the Narrator reveals his obsession with the collectibles. He herds Stanley back into the Memory Zone and revisits each collectible’s location. The Narrator even shows a terribly-edited video of the last one the player collected.

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After a loading screen fakeout, the Narrator then forces Stanley to go backward through the Memory Zone collecting them all again. This eventually ends with a visit back to the jump circle, the two doors, and Stanley’s own office. The Narrator begins to lament his lack of control, admitting that he originally created Stanley to help with his loneliness. 

He decides to send Stanley off with one last trip through the office before getting rid of him for good. Players will not be able to select the true epilogue option from the Stanley Parable Deluxe Edition main menu. Naturally, for those who don’t want to play their way through the game several times can find it on YouTube.


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