How to find a partner while playing League of Legends

By William Davis


Jun 25, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

So, you want to find a significant other who shares your passion for League of Legends. 

Sounds hard right? Well, with traditional methods, it definitely can be a challenge. But it’s certainly possible (albeit with a lot of trial, error, and luck). The most basic way to meet someone is by using the in-game chat feature. Don’t. There were enough harassment scandals in the community for you to hit on a stranger while in-game. 

What other options do you have? What works best? Let’s explore! 

Twitch and other options

Chatting in-game opens up the opportunity for flirting but doesn’t give you a personal connection, as you may play at different times and different LoL teams. Your other option is meeting someone by chatting with them on Twitch. 

Fortunately, if they have a live stream, this can be a bit more personal since you may be able to see them. But you’ll probably end up fighting for their attention with their other viewers. Not exactly the most efficient way to find a date!

The right kind of dating platform

Remember, if you just message a random person on social media or in-game out of the blue, they will most likely think that you’re being “creepy,” which means it’s an uphill battle to simply carry a conversation! This is why you should consider the superior option. 

Yes, you can get the worldwide reach of a social media platform, but exploring the platform where everyone is looking for romance, will mean you’ll spend more time in meaningful chat and less time explaining how you “just wanted to say hi.” 

Date smarter, not harder! Go to something traditional like uptoflirt and talk about your passion for gaming in your profile description. Or find a specialized dating site for gamers. It’s your choice. The chances of finding your soulmate will be equally high in both options. 

These communities contain loads of gamer girls that are looking for love online, so when you send them a message you won’t just be some random subscriber: you’ll be a potential match! Dating profiles also provide a decent amount of information about the person, meaning you’ll be able to learn what they look like, where they live, and the types of games they prefer to play. 

Once you’re ready to talk, simply send them a message. Since it’s one-on-one chat (not group chat), you’ll be able to chat and flirt without interruptions.

Comic-Con and other events

Comic-Con and other large events are also viable options for meeting a video game-loving partner. 

The great part about these places is that they are filled with gamers; unfortunately, this means you’ll have a lot of competition. Adding to the issue, many of the attendees at these events are already taken so you may wind up investing a lot of time in a potential partner only to find out they’re single! 

There isn’t really a way to avoid this without asking upfront, and this will often kill your chances with the person even if she is single, making it a poor way to find dates. Events are good for meeting new people and general socializing, but not so much more finding true love with your player two.

Social media

Social media, like Comic-Con and other events, is a great way to connect with new people. It has the advantage of being worldwide, which means you can chat with other gamers no matter where you live! 

Sadly, social media isn’t a great option for finding a partner, since most strangers are very guarded when it comes to their DMs. So find social media platforms for people with shared interests so they’re more likely to have something in common they want to talk about together.