How to download and play Elden Ring Colosseum DLC

By Nicholas James


Dec 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Elden Ring Colosseum DLC is finally here with V1.08, here’s how to download and play the new Elden Ring Colosseum content.

There have been various Colosseums scattered throughout Elden Ring since the game’s release, perhaps the most mysterious being that in the cursed realm of Caelid that Alexander, Warrior Jar, speaks of. With the new patch releasing on December 8, the three enormous fighting pits will open their doors for players to face down and fight one another.

How to download and play the Elden Ring Colosseum DLC

The great news about the Elden Ring Colosseum DLC is that you don’t need anything except for a copy of Elden Ring and an internet connection. The DLC isn’t purchasable. Instead, it’s just an addition to the content already included with the purchase of Elden Ring. All you need to do to play the new content is to make your way to any one of the three Colosseums in Leyndell, Caelid, and Limgrave and participate in the combat there. There are Colosseum modes for fighting solo, with spirit summons, or even as part of a team with your friends.

Is the Elden Ring Colosseum DLC free?

The Elden Ring Colosseum DLC in patch 1.08 is absolutely free to those who already own a copy of Elden Ring. You don’t need to make a purchase or preorder anything, all you need to do is boot up Elden Ring and let it patch itself to include the new content. From there, you’ll want a stable internet connection to have a fair chance against opponents in the Colosseum. This follows up to patch 1.07, where From Software decided to balance PvP and PvE statistics on weapons, armor, abilities, and the like separately. All you need to do is launch the game and wait, and then seek out one of the Colosseums.


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