The Finals

How to convert Valorant sens to The Finals 

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 31, 2023

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The Finals is the newfound apple of the FPS community’s collective eye, drawing the interest of Valorant players who are always on the lookout for similar new titles. 

Embark Studios’ FPS game has caused quite a stir since its release on October 26. With over 113,809 active players, according to the latest data from SteamCharts, The Finals is the hottest new FPS game. It has already overtaken Apex Legends, a popular shooter game, and is gaining both popularity and a massive player base.

Valorant players who are interested in taking a shot at The Finals may want to spawn in with their knives honed in and guns prepared. Fortunately, players can convert their Valorant sens to The Finals in order to adapt quickly. 

Convert Valorant sens to The Finals  

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Movement in The Finals is more similar to Apex Legends than Valorant, but players who are comfortable with their current sensitivity can still do just fine in The Finals with the same one.

Similar to Valorant to CS2 sens, there’s a particular number you can multiply your current sens with to get the ideal The Finals sens. Just simply take your current Valorant sens and multiply it with 88.741. The result is your familiar sens for The Finals. 

If you’re looking for more accurate results, go for a third-party website that takes your eDPI into consideration as well. Here’s how.

  • Start Valorant and copy your sensitivity in the game.
  • Go to
  • Select Valorant from the Convert From dropdown menu.
  • Select The Finals from the Convert To dropdown menu.
  • Select the DPI of the mouse you wish to use for both games.
  • Now paste the Valorant sensitivity. 

The generator will show you the exact The Finals sens after conversion. However, you may want to tweak it further in the game to best suit The Finals movement, which is slightly different from Valorant. 


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