How to complete Balance of Power in World of Warcraft

By Steven Rondina


Nov 27, 2021

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Looking to get some Legion Artifacts in World of Warcraft? The Balance of Power can net players some at the cost of an inordinate amount of time.

Balance of Power is a particularly long and brutal questline in World of Warcraft with over a dozen steps and the potential for extended time gating. The quest also requires significant prep, making it an even longer process than it would at first seem.

Still, it’s a questline that’s worth tackling for dedicated players. Here are the steps needed to complete Balance of Power:

  1. The Power Within
  2. Eye of Azshara: The Heart of Zin-Azshari
  3. A Vainglorious Path, Darkheart Thicket: Fallen Power, Tempering Darkness
  4. Lucid Strength
  5. The Emerald Nightmare: In Nightmares, The Emerald Nightmare: Essence of Power
  6. Essential Consumption
  7. Saving the Guard
  8. Repaid Debt
  9. Lost Knowledge
  10. Vault of the Wardens: Borrowing Without Asking, The Arcway: Right of the Captain, Court of Stars: Literary Perfection
  11. Twisted Power
  12. A True Test
  13. Seeking the Valkyra
  14. The Mark
  15. Maw of Souls: Retrieving the Svalnguard
  16. A Feast Fit for Odyn, Neltharion’s Lair: Presentation is Key
  17. Halls of Valor: Odyn’s Blessing
  18. Planning the Assault, Preparing to Move
  19. The Nighthold: Into the Nighthold, The Nighthold: Delusions of Grandeur, The Nighthold: Darkness Calls
  20. Balance of Power 

How long does it take to complete Balance of Power?

To complete WoW’s Balance of Power questline it will likely take at least one month to from start to finish.

The big issue is step five, In Nightmares and Essence of Power. This tasks the player with collecting the Deathglare Iris and Horn of the Nightmare Lord, then gathering up 30 Corrupted Essences. Players aren’t guaranteed to get all of these items in one swoop, and will have to wait one week in order to have another go at it.

This is once again the case in step 17, Into the Nighthold. This has players collect 20 Nightshards from bosses which are only lootable once per week.

This effectively guarantees four weeks of collecting items from raids, with a number of steps in between that are blocked off behind some steep prerequisites. This is a worthwhile quest, but it’s a brutal one to complete.

How do you unlock the Balance of Power questline in WoW?

Balance of Power can be started after completing The Nighthold: Darkness Calls by talking with Archmage Kalec.

There are also several prerequisites for completing different parts of the Balance of Power questline on top of this. It is strongly recommended that before starting, players grind to the point of being honored in the Court of Farondis and revered among the Nightfallen and Valarjar, or at least very close to these levels of reputation. After a certain point in Balance of Power, players will need to reach these milestones or will be forced to pause the questline to grind rep.

How do you become revered with the Nightfallen?

Players can hit revered with the Nightfallen by finishing missions in and around the Suramar region.

There isn’t really any trick or shortcut to grinding up to revered status with the Nightfallen. Beat the main quests attached to the Nightfallen, complete some some other odds and ends, and this will ultimately improve reputation to the point of being revered.


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