How to build Yae Miko for max electro damage in Genshin Impact

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 19, 2022

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The best Yae Miko build can shock enemies better than any other electro five-star.

Despite a rocky launch, Yae Miko now ranks among the most popular sub DPS characters in all of Genshin Impact. Though the recent buffs didn’t exactly work out, Yae Miko is still unmatched at applying electro reactions to a ton of different enemies. With the right weapons and artifacts, she can elevate any adventure team to the next level. Here’s the best build for Yae Miko and which teammates she pairs well with.

The best weapon and artifacts build for Yae Miko

The best Yae Miko artifact set is Thundering Fury. Available from Midsummer Courtyard in Monstadt, the set grants a flat 15% electro damage bonus and increases elemental reaction damage by 40% every .8 seconds. It also reduces the cooldown of her elemental skill, which helps keep Sesshou Sakuras on the field at all times.

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For individual stats, go for electro damage on the cup, elemental mastery on the timepiece, and either crit rate or elemental mastery for the hat. Substats are less important, but energy recharge and crit stats are always appreciated. 

The best weapon for any Yae Miko build is her signature five-star Kagura’s Verity, but that’s simply not an option for the vast majority of players. Four-star catalyst The Widsith is a much more wallet-friendly option. It massively boosts critical hit damage and can provide either a ton of elemental mastery or bonus electro damage. The attack damage buff is a bit of a waste, but two-thirds of the time, The Widsith is fantastic.

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Alternatively, Solar Pearl is a great choice for Yae Miko players who purchase the monthly battle pass. 27.6% crit rate is nothing to sneeze at, and 20% bonus elemental skill damage synergizes very well with her kit. Just make sure to throw out a single normal attack every rotation to get the most out of it.

The best teammates for Yae Miko

Yae Miko is pretty strong, but she can’t take down the Spiral Abyss alone. The best Yae Miko teammates take advantage of all those electro applications to create high-damage elemental reactions.

Fellow five-star Kamisato Ayato is a great choice, as electro-charged is a great elemental reaction that stuns enemies and deals heavy damage. Cryo DPS from Ganyu and Ayaka are also useful. Superconduct deals AOE damage, so groups of hilichurls are no problem with this team. Yoimiya, Diluc, Klee, and Hu Tao deal constant pyro damage for overload, which tears down shields in addition to dealing heavy damage.

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If you prefer a more lore-friendly approach, Yae Miko synergizes incredibly well with the rest of the Inazuma trio. Raiden Shogun functions as the main DPS with constant uptime on her burst while Yae Miko and Kujou Sara provide area damage and buffs respectively. The last slot is more flexible, but an enabler like Bennett or Kazuha are the easy choices.


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