How to build Senna as an ADC in the new preseason patch

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 18, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

After the big preseason patch hit the live servers, Senna is seeing some changes in her ADC build.  

The new item overhaul has brought a lot of new build paths that players still have to figure out. But what is the best way to build one of the most popular bot laners from Season 10, Senna?

So far in this preseason, the focus for Senna ADC has been to stack Manamune, and to eventually get Muramana with a lot of mana regeneration. After that, Senna is seeing success with building the Eclipse Mythic item that grants her attack damage, lethality, omnivamp, and armor penetration on all other Legendary items. 

Most Senna players continue the build with familiar items such as Rapid Firecannon, Infinity Edge, or other lethality items. A new favorite for many players is The Collector as the third item. This new lethality item gives attack damage, critical strike chance, and of course, lethality. Most important is the passive, which executes enemies below 5% health and grants additional gold for champion kills.

Items always depend on the matchup, and that is no different in the preseason. So far, the Muramana and Eclipse are the two important core items for Senna, after which she can go in different directions. The following items mostly depend on if Senna wants to go the crit route or for lethality.  

Senna ADC has a mediocre win rate on patch 10.23 

Even though Senna ADC has some exciting new build options in the 2021 preseason, she is not in the best place according to her win rates. She is currently sitting at a 49.37% win rate as an ADC, which isn’t something to write home about. With that said, her win rate as support is even worse at 47.92%. 

Just like many other marksmen, Senna is struggling to deal with the strong tanks in the game. Tanks are by far doing the best in the first week of the preseason, but Riot is already looking to tone that dominance down. 

The recent preseason hotfix specifically aimed to tone down tank items and will likely give some more room for marksmen like Senna to succeed in the bot lane. 

The builds for Senna will continue to develop as Riot makes more changes throughout the 2021 preseason. 

What role is Senna in League of Legends?

Senna was introduced to the game as the first marksman support, making her flexible when it comes to her roles. Her play style has a lot of marksman attributes, but she also has several supportive features in her kit. 

Senna has seen the most success as an ADC down in the bot lane since her release, both in solo queue and professional play. With that said, Senna has also proven herself as a solid support champion that can ramp up throughout a game and bring a lot of utility to a team.  


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