How to break open Icebox’s A site as Viper without teammates

Fariha Bhatti • March 5, 2021 6:31 pm

Entering the lion’s den that is Icebox’s A bombsite is tough, but Viper can help make it easy. 

Viper can single-handedly push to the site. Valorant controllers are expected to support aggressive duelists but Viper’s utility can help her teammates execute a lethal execute at bomb point A that will force defenders but back off. Viper is equipped with smokes, two molotovs, and a thin-but-deadly curtain. Using all of her powers, Viper can block out key choke points at A, making way for attackers. Here’s how to block out windows, maze, and haven. 

Before moving to throw out the utility for rafters, walk outside A-belt to line up poison screen and smoke. Stand at the corner of the elbow and put down a tilted curtain trail by placing your aim at A pipes. The lengthy wall extends to the end of site, blocking A-con, heaven, and even second window. 

For window smoke, walk a bit further towards nest, line up with the corner of the metal wall, and aim to the top of the rope. Place your crosshair at the corner of the roof panel and throw the smoke device. The curtain will block out the left side and catwalk haven and smoke goes for the right window. Don’t activate the utility yet. 

For the left window, move back towards A main and stand on top of the corner boxes. Using the ability HUD as a guide, align the (X) power line with the screen’s border, as shown in the image. 

Right after shooting Snakebite, you may want to give your team a heads up to start pushing. Activate your smoke and curtain and move to A site from ramps. You have blocked both windows and left sides, but the enemies camping maze behind the wall can still push through. Throw your second molotov on the default wall. It will bounce and burn off anyone sneaking behind poison screen. 

This A setup should work effectively in full team lobbies as it requires tons of patience and walking in A-main. Teams should also be swift, but it’s worth the effort as these setups will definitely clear out key areas, helping teammates focus primarily on clearing the bombsite.


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