How to beat the Raiden Shogun boss fight in Genshin Impact

By Kenneth Williams


Jan 13, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The Raiden Shogun boss battle in Genshin Impact is tough, but the right strategy and a bit of preparation goes a long way to securing victory.

Genshin Impact’s story challenges are generally pretty easy, but the Raiden Shogun boss battle is a considerable step up in difficulty. You’re locked to just four characters with no chance to change. The boss’ attacks can kill in just a few hits, and halfway through the fight, your elemental skills and bursts will be locked away. If you’re finding yourself a victim of the Vision Hunt Decree, here are some tips to help you beat the Raiden Shogun boss fight in Genshin Impact.

The first big tip is to take the party you want into the fight. Since Raiden Shogun can kill in just a few hits, it’s best to bring multiple of your best main DPS characters and at least one healer. Ei is extremely mobile, so area-of-effect bursts like Ganyu’s Celestial Shower or Bennett’s Fantastic Voyage aren’t quite as useful. You’ll also need to set your party before initiating the cutscene, so gear up before heading into Tenshukaku. Another tip is to equip NRE (Menu 30) as your gadget. This will let you heal mid-fight without having to stumble through menus. Pop an Adeptus’ Temptation or other combat buff food before the fight to raise your damage potential.

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It’s important to note that you have to fight Raiden Shogun’s boss form twice. The first time you fight is a guaranteed loss. There is no way to win and the fight will automatically end when you get her to half health. The rematch later in the archon quest is the first time you can actually beat her. 

Raiden Shogun boss move and counters

Raiden Shogun’s most powerful attack is her advancing sword slash. She lunges forward six times ending with a dash attack. The best response is to just run away and attack during Raiden Shogun’s recovery animation. This is easier if you’re wielding a bow user like Yoimiya or Ganyu. If you like to live dangerously, you can start approaching after the fifth slash and dodge in either direction to escape the following dash. This will let you get a few more hits in.

Occasionally, Raiden Shogun will skip the attacks and go straight to the dashes. The answer to this Raiden Shogun boss battle move is to dash towards her. The slashes end in a flurry in front of her. Remember that she can repeat the dashes up to three times, so make sure she’s done dashing before launching your counterattack.

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Another threat is her massive circular slash. There’s no real trick to dodging this one, just back up and away when she runs to the middle of the arena. She likes to mix this move up with a series of slashing projectiles. To beat this Raiden Shogun boss fight move, save your dodge. It’s more difficult to escape if you’re already running. Just walk and save the initial burst of speed to avoid getting hit.

The best way to train against these moves is the Yae Miko training quest right before the final stage of the archon fight. The pylons will replicate Raiden Shogun’s boss battle moves and show you how to beat them. This is a great way to learn the timing for dodging the projectile slashes and recognizing the giant area-of-effect slash. Even if you have Yae Miko’s exam, it might be worth going through it a few more times just to get the hang of it.


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