How to add friends on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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What good is a perfect Animal Crossing island if you can’t show it off to friends?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a social game. Whether you’re interacting with your friendly NPC neighbors or designing the perfect island layout, it’s fun to share it with friends. But taking a vacation isn’t as easy as it sounds. To visit each others’ towns, you’ll need to use Switch friend codes assigned by Nintendo. This guide will show you how to add friends on Animal Crossing and access other players’ islands.

The first thing to find is your Nintendo Switch friend code. Go to the home screen of the Switch, click on the player icon in the top left, then navigate to the “Add Friend” menu.

Head there, and you should see an option to “Search with Friend Code.” Type in the code of whoever you want to add. This will send a request, which the other player can accept. Once you’ve added them, it will allow them to visit your island and use tools to affect your world.

Alternatively, if you want someone else to send you a friend invite, your friend code can be found on the main “Profile” page.

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Another way to add friends in Animal Crossing is to first play with them using a Dodo Code. Once you’ve met with another player, you can access a list of players you’ve recently played with. If you’re unfamiliar with the Dodo Code system, read below to learn the important details.

How to use Dodo Codes

If you want someone to visit your island without having to add them as a friend, you’re in luck. The Dodo Code system allows you to share your Animal Crossing island with others without giving them your Switch friend code. To access your Dodo Code, speak with Orville in the airport. When prompted, you can choose to create a five-digit code that will work for everyone or just Nintendo Switch friends.

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Dodo Codes can be useful for trading with people online. Dodo visitors cannot change your island in any way aside from activities like fishing or collecting fruit.

During the conversation, you can decide which group you want to open your town to. “Just friends” will only allow people on your friend list to come. “The more the merrier” will allow anyone to use your Dodo Code. To prevent users from returning to your island, you can shut off Dodo Code visitors by speaking again with Orville.

Keep in mind that normal friends can’s use landscaping tools like axes and shovels on your island. Adding best friends in Animal Crossing can make building your dream island easier, but look out for anyone altering your island in ways you don’t want.

How to become Best Friends in Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are two levels of friendship; friends and best friends.

The first is friends, who can visit your island, send mail, and only interact with your home in limited ways. If you’re looking to develop land and decorate with friends, you’ll need to become best friends first. Open up your friend list and select the person you want to become best friends with. This will send an invitation, which they will then need to accept. The next time they visit your island, they’ll be able to chop down trees, put up decorations, and dig up fossils just like you.


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