How to accept Saints Row permissions on Epic Games Store

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Starting up Saints Row for the first time and getting an error telling you to accept permissions for the Epic Games Store? You’re not alone.

The new Saints Row is here, and PC players can download and run the game from the Epic Games Store. However, players who don’t normally use the client may experience some trouble. A common launch problem is not having the game’s permissions accepted. Here’s how to fix the problem and jump into the world of Santo Ileso.

How to accept Epic Games permissions for Saints Row

Open your computer files and navigate to the Program Files folder on your hard drive. It should be located in the This PC section. From there, navigate to Epic Games, and then to Saints Row. In your Saints Row folder, select the sr5 folder. The exact location will look something like this.

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SaintsRow\sr5

In the sr5 folder, you should see an executable file called SaintsRow. Right-click that file and run the program as an administrator. That should prompt Windows to ask for Epic Games Store permissions and start Saints Row, but it still may not work. If that’s the case, head back to the Epic Games Store.

Open your game library in the Epic Games Store launcher and right-lick on Saints Row. Select the Manage option to bring up a new menu. Choose the Verify Files option and wait for it to finish. After that, Saints Row should launch normally from the Epic Games Store client.

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It’s not clear what exactly is causing this error to occur. Windows normally asks for permissions whenever a newly-installed program is opened for the first time. In the case of Saints Row, the game’s permissions never show up in Windows when it’s run from the Epic Games launcher. Once this fix has been performed once, players can open the game up from the Epic Games Store client with no issues.


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