How online gaming took over the world and continues to do so

By William Davis


Jan 20, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

You may or may not have noticed, but online gaming has slowly been taking over the world. It’s projected that, in 2023, the global online gaming industry will reach a staggering $26 billion, and things are only expected to increase in the coming years. How did that happen? We take a look.

Gaming is all rage in 2023, and it has been this way for quite some years now. To put that in some context: the movie industry is worth around $7 billion. So clearly, online gaming is having a moment. The question is: how has this happened? How did a relatively fringe online activity take center stage?

Better Games

You can’t win over the public with substandard offerings. The online gaming industry is doing well because they’re producing valuable games that people actually want to play. The industry attracts some of the most creative and hard-working professionals around, and they work together to produce games that are as good as anything you’ll find in other entertainment mediums. 

Everyone Has The Hardware

Of course, there would be an upper limit to how profitable the gaming industry could be if no one had the hardware to play the games. However, while that used to be the case (not everyone could afford a PlayStation, for example), it’s no longer true. The rate of smartphone ownership has increased significantly in recent years to the point where more or less everyone has an Android or iOS device. And that essentially means that they have a gaming device. It’s possible that online gaming would have always taken over the world; it’s just that it’s only now that the technological framework is in place to make it happen. 

A Wider Array Of Games

Online gaming

The world of online gaming is now nearly as large as non-online gaming, but it wasn’t always that way. In the past few years, technological developments have made it possible to play a wide range of games online. A person with a smartphone could be playing Wildz casino games, challenging their friends in the latest FIFA, or doing battle in Fortnite. Mobile gaming was once limited to simple games that even beginners struggled to engage with. Today, you can play every type of game whenever you want.

There’s a Game for Every Mood

Another advantage that smartphone games have over other types of games is that there’s a game for every mood and scenario. There’s a game for when you have five minutes to wait until your train arrives. There’s a game for when you want to dive into a more serious, narrative-driven game. And there are those fun, social games that you want to play when you have friends and family at your house. There aren’t too many situations in life that can’t be enhanced in some way by gaming, and that’s something that the online gaming industry is all too aware of. 

Serious and Sustained Investment

Perhaps the biggest reason why we’re hearing so much about online gaming these days is that there has been a consistent investment for many years. The online gaming world is currently going through a positive cycle loop. There are more people playing games, which means more profit, which is then invested back into the games, which generates more profit, and so forth. The online gaming industry is somewhat unique in that it rarely sits on its profits but instead invests the money back into its creations, helping to produce games that are even better.

The Future

And so what about the future? The online gaming world is in a powerful position at the moment, and it seems unlikely that this will change in the coming years. With more investment and more innovative ideas coming to the fore, we can expect many exciting days ahead in the world of online gaming.