How old is Franklin in GTA 5?

By Melany Moncada


Jan 21, 2023

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Franklin Clinton is one of the main characters in Grand Theft Auto V. Franklin makes an appearance in GTA Online, but as a grown-up version of the original character. To understand the timeline, it’s necessary to know how old is Franklin in GTA 5.

Franklin was born and raised in Los Santos. At a young age, he joined The Families alongside Lamar Davis, his best friend. Franklin had a troubled childhood, marked by the death of his mother and the absence of his father.

As a student at Davis High School, Franklin started his criminal life selling cigarettes. Eventually, he became a dope dealer and bank robber. In 2008, Franklin is captured and sent to prison.

Despite his criminal past, Franklin’s story in the game revolves around his wish to improve his life. The main thing he wants is to have a real job and leave anything related to the streets behind. Franklin joins Michael, the other protagonist in the game, on a series of heists. He ends up making good money from these jobs and eventually fulfills his wish.

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The main trio completes a final heist, and each one of them walks away with $1 million in gold. After the heist, Franklin receives a visit from Devin Weston, and he is commanded to take out Michael. He gets to choose between killing Michael, killing Trevor, or going on a risky mission to save them. Franklin picks the third option and succeeds in saving his mentors.

Franklin appears again, this time in GTA Online on The Contract update. The 2021 version of Clinton is a businessman with a wife and children. He is the co-founder of F. Clinton and Partner, a celebrity solutions agency. The company is in charge of fixing the problems of the Vinewood elite. Franklin describes this work as “personal drama-laden situations.”

The Franklin from GTA Online is a mature version of the young man players meet in GTA 5. He is no longer easy to influence and seems to have overcome his tendency for self-hatred. He continues to be organized, ambitious, and rational. It is revealed that he is still in contact with Michael and Trevor.

How old is Franklin at the end of GTA 5?

Early in the game, we learn that Franklin is born in 1988. GTA 5 is based in the year 2013, meaning that Franklin is 24 or 25 when the game starts. It is unclear how much time the events of the game take. Fans have speculated that it could be anywhere from two weeks to three months.

Based on that timeline, Franklin will end GTA 5 at the same age. In GTA Online, which takes place in the year 2021, Franklin would be 33.

How old is Michael from GTA 5?

Michael is another main character in GTA 5. We know that Michael is born between 1965 and 1968. Based on that, during the events of GTA 5, Michael would be anywhere between 45 and 48.