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How esports forced online casinos to improve their services

By William Davis


Oct 3, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The world of esports and casino games continues to grow and thrive across the globe. In 2022, people are more willing than ever to play digital casino games and best on esports. The gambling industry has noticed, and online betting services have greatly expanded their sportsbooks in recent years. As more and more options are available, sites have to stand out from the crowd with new features and ways to gamble. Here are the four major categories where gambling sites have evolved to entice the esports betting community.

Accessible online service has become a must for casinos

Obviously, online betting sites have to be somewhat in tune with technology, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. While a desktop site is one thing, gamblers increasingly demand access to sportsbooks on the go. This is especially important for esports bettors since competitive gaming often features new matchups as tournaments go on. With games decided just hours in advance sometimes, it’s important for bettors to get their slips in on the go.

As a result, more and more betting sites have created mobile websites or apps for users to bet with. By putting sportsbooks onto smartphones, more and more bettors can access lines no matter where they are. This has become a must-have feature for esports betting operators, but it’s not the only one.

Bonus offers matter, and esports bettors pay close attention

Bonuses on casino deposits have been a thing long before esports ever existed, but the growing pool of options has resulted in an arms race for the best deals. Deposit bonuses are the biggest factor for brand new bettors, and many esports gamblers have little experience in traditional sports betting or online casinos.

Bonuses serve as a way to attract new customers. The relative youth of esports fans means they probably aren’t attached to a particular site, so attractive multipliers with small rollovers can help get them in the digital door.

Transparent licensing puts bettors’ minds at ease

Legality is a major concern for younger bettors, but many betting sites can assure players by displaying their licensing loudly and proudly. In addition to stating what countries administered the license, it’s also important to show which countries players can legally gamble from. This is especially important for streaming, as Twitch just recently banned websites that aren’t licensed for the United States.

Esports betting can become illegal if the oddsmaker fails to maintain a proper license, leading to headaches and mass departures for users. Licensing is also important from a legal perspective, as taxes and fees must be collected to keep the operation legitimate. Esports bettors are more aware of the legal pitfalls of gambling, so being upfront and licensing and legality is a good way to draw them in.

Esports bettors care about data protection and cryptocurrency

It’s no surprise that esports bettors are more interested in technology than the average gambler. As a result, they are much more likely to worry about online privacy. With that in mind, bookies should make strides to encrypt user data and keep it safe from malicious actors. Just one scare is enough to send many customers packing, and a significant enough data breach could even take a bookmaker entirely offline.

As part of privacy, many esports bettors prefer to use cryptocurrency to wager on competitive matches. In addition to being much more private than traditional money, cryptocurrencies are also cheaper and faster to transfer.There are many sites that tick all these boxes. For example, 77bet stands out as a great option that has kept up with technological advancements. The site has multiple mobile betting options with clear licensing and multiple ways to bet. For first-time players, try to look for websites that contain all these elements, great odds, and attractive first-time bonuses.


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