How big is Genshin Impact’s map? Leaked world map reveals all

Kenneth Williams • November 3, 21:05

Genshin Impact’s map is absolutely massive, and it still has plenty of room to grow.

As of update 2.2, Genshin Impact’s open world consists of three nations and one sub-area. Monstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma represent the three main nations of Teyvat. Dragonspine Mountain is currently the only sub-area, with Liyue’s Chasm is rumored to be next. Each region is a massive area to explore with its own geography, towns, enemies, and loot. But just how big is Genshin Impact’s full map with real-life measurements?

The addition of Inazuma more than tripled Genshin Impact’s map size if you include blank oceans of water. That very rough estimate boosts Genshin Impact’s map to 31 square miles, or 81 square kilometers. If you take out the blank ocean separating Inazuma from the mainland, it would roughly double the mainland to 54 square miles. The archipelago nation is still mostly water, though it’s dotted with enemies and treasure. The map is so huge that it can feel overwhelming for new players, but experienced Genshin Impact fans already know some regions like the backs of their hands.

The easiest comparison among open-world games is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That map is roughly estimated to be around 65 square miles, just under 168 kilometers. Even accounting for Genshin Impact’s empty sea, it’s still significantly smaller than Breath of the Wild. But the developers behind Genshin Impact are planning to make the game’s world absolutely huge.

Leaked Genshin world map confirmed by Inazuma

A few months after Genshin Impact’s initial release, fans started passing around an image of what was an allegedly leaked world map. The image showed miHoYo’s long-term plan for developing the world of Teyvat past Monstadt and Liyue. In addition to topography, the map included some notes on which future regions would be where. A social media user kindly translated the map for English-speaking fans.

The image shows a rough layout for the future of Genshin Impact’s map. The most important detail is Inazuma’s placement. While not an exact match to the in-game region, this was well before anyone had even gotten a glimpse at the Japan-themed nation. The introductory island of Ritou is clearly marked, and the mountainous Grand Narukami Shrine is misplaced but recognizable. These could verify the map as authentic.

There are also some labels that don’t match up with the real Inazuma. There are no important lighthouses in Inazuma, and the real Inazuma doesn’t have a notable Sakura Pond. It also doesn’t include Seirai Island or Tsurumi Island. Plans can always change in game development, and the labels might just be interpreted differently.

If the map is real, Genshin Impact’s map will eventually grow well beyond the scope of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and most other games for that matter.


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