Houston Outlwas forced to move out of Woodlands training facility

Melany Moncav • January 11, 19:46

The Overwatch League’s Houston Outlaws team is being forced to move out of its training facility in The Woodlands, a community located in Houston, Texas.

Houston Outlaws general manager Matt Rodriguez shared on Twitter that the team is being forced to leave the 5900-square-foot home that was intended to be used as a training facility. According to Rodriguez, the players have their own living arrangements outside of The Woodlands. The organization chose that particular property because the staff wanted a “homier” and more relaxed environment.

Houston Outlaws not welcome in The Woodlands

The neighbors in The Woodlands are not happy with the team’s presence. Neighbors are claiming that the training facility violates the community covenants. The residents are concerned specifically about traffic, noise, and how the move would affect the property value.

According to Rodriguez, the Houston Outlaws shared detailed plans with the township and the realtor in charge of the leasing. The team received the okay from both the agency and owner, so they proceeded to move into the space.

The Woodlands Residential Design Review Committee concluded that the Houston Outlaws are violating several covenant restrictions. The Houston Outlaws may apply for a variance so they can operate a business in a residential zone. The team won’t be going through that process, according to Rodriguez. It seems like the organization is done with the committees and the unhelpful neighbors who most recently sent local camera crews and news reporters to the team’s doors to investigate claims made.

Rodriguez clarified that no one was residing in the house, so no one is being made homeless by the move. The team is also looking to move somewhere else in the city, and the realtor will be responsible for all relevant expenses.

The incident comes at the worst possible time for the team. Houston Outlaws, recently acquired by Beasley Broadcast Group, is getting ready for the new season of the Overwatch League. The team is traveling to Philadelphia in February for week two of the season. In Philadelphia, The Outlaws will also play against Florida Mayhem and Washington Justice early in the season.


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