Hollow Knight: Silksong new gameplay features revealed

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 12, 2022

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After years of waiting, Hollow Knight fans got to see Hollow Knight: Silksong in action thanks to a new gameplay trailer.

During the Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase event, Hollow Knight: Silksong finally got a gameplay trailer. The new footage shows off Hornet’s expanded move set as well as some new environments for players to explore.

Hollow Knight fans have been waiting for a Silksong trailer ever since the game was first teased in 2018. The reveal during the Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase marks a four-year gap between the tease and official reveal. A cryptic tweet from Team Cherry’s Matthew Griffin only stoked the flames higher. Hollow Knight fans are patient, but hearing Hornet’s battle cry at the start of the trailer was a truly exhilarating moment.

Hollow Knight: Silksong gameplay trailer shows Hornet’s abilities

Hollow Knight’s platforming parry feature will continue on in Silksong, where players can attack dangerous objects to propel themselves upwards, remains a part of Hornet’s new moveset. Wall-jumping and air dashing also remain, though Metroidvania tradition could see her lose these abilities and gain them back later on.

As for new tricks, the Holoow Knight: Silksong gameplay trailer showed Hornet floating upwards in an air stream and attaching herself to ziplines. Platforming was a key part of the original Hollow Knight, but expanded movement options point to even more jumping challenges to overcome.

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As for combat, Hornet’s offensive abilities are much more complex than the Knight’s. She can zoom in from a greater range to attack, which leaves her airborne and able to move freely. Hornet also throws out some sort of thumb-tack caltrops in a fight against a larger enemy. These can deal damage directly or create a mid-air trap. She also has the familiar area-of-effect attack that rapidly sends out string around her.

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As for the environment, Silksong appears very similar to the original Hollow Knight. The angular levels come with new tricks such as a rising lava section and a falling elevator. It’s not clear if Silksong will stick to the Metroidvania formula or present a more linear adventure. Future trailers should give more information on how the world of bugs has changed since 2018.


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