All about Team Cherry, the indie devs behind Hollow Knight

By Kenneth Williams


May 24, 2022

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Fans of Hollow Knight may be surprised to learn that developer Team Cherry is only made up of three talented people. 

Hollow Knight is still going strong as one of the most successful indie games in history. The two-dimensional Metroidvania title took the gaming world by storm with its fantastic combat and rich world. Now Team Cherry is hard at work on Silksong, an official sequel to the original journey. Here’s everything you need to know about Team Cherry, from the actual people behind the games to what game the indie darling is making next.

Who are the people in Team Cherry?

Team Cherry has three main members.

  • Ari Gibson – Co-director
  • Willam Pellen – Co-director
  • Jack Vine – Coder
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Team Cherry is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Hollow Knight is the team’s only finished product, but it turned Team Cherry into an indie development darling nearly overnight. Outside of the listed three, Team Cherry also employed or contracted dozens of people for Hollow Knight. The positions include technical directors, environment designers. beta testers, musicians, and more. The same is likely true for Silksong.

Is Team Cherry making another game?

Team Cherry is making Silksong, the sequel to Hollow Knight. Team Cherry is not publicly making any other games at this time.

Silksong is one of the most anticipated indie games of all time due to the success of Hollow Knight. The game was first announced in February 2019 before the team went silent on Silksong for 1,200 days without an update. Team Cherry went quiet right after the announcement at E3 that year and has said next to nothing about the game since. The team did thank the community for Silksong winning Most Anticipated Game at the 2021 Unity Awards and confirmed that the game is still in development.

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Hollow Knight set a precedent for post-launch support with several free expansions packs. The same will most likely be true for its sequel as well. As far as making another game after Silksong, Team Cherry could continue expanding the world of Hollow Knight or move on to an entirely new game and IP.

If you’re really hungry for a new Team Cherry game, check out the original prototype for Hollow Knight called Hungry Knight. The game serves as the basis for several characters and enemy designs included in the final release.

Will Hollow Knight sequel Silksong ever come out?

It’s difficult to accurately estimate when Silksong will ever come out, but based on the lack of updates, Silksong will probably not come out by the end of 2022. It’s reasonable to expect at least an update on the game in 2023, but the odds of it releasing that year are not good either. Considering the high quality of Hollow Knight, most fans are happy to wait.

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There are two main reasons that are causing Silksong to take so long to release. The first is the success of Hollow Knight. The game was released to critical acclaim partly due to its great amount of content. Team Cherry has big expectations to live up to. The second is related to the size of Team Cherry. With only two designers and one coder, the team will likely take a long time to make even a small project.

The last update on the official Team Cherry blog was given at the end of 2019. The development of Silksong may be faster to move in 2022 and beyond.


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