Here’s why you should never recall Killjoy’s Turret and bot at once

Fariha Bhatti • March 15, 2021 11:45 pm

Valorant’s technoid Killjoy may be experiencing some mechanical glitches in her gear, players have discovered. 

Riot Games has spawned numerous new agents to Valorant’s roster, but a few have made the cut in the top picked agent list. Upbeat and lively, Killjoy breezed her way in Valorant, becoming one of the most played agents in ranked and professional games. With her cutting edge kit and an ultimate that locks opponents in place, Killjoy gave several other agents a run for their money. However, a gear failure that removes bots from her kit has made Killjoy main players irritated. 

The agent carries a Turret, an Alarmbot, and Nanoswarms. Two of her abilities are re-deployable, a rare power that few agents hold. A long-standing glitch has re-emerged that doesn’t let Killjoy equip her abilities simultaneously. 

In a hard-push situation, the agent may have to rotate quicker and recall her abilities in a rush. Often players press Q (Alarmbot) and E (Turret) keys at the same time to wrap up quickly. It’s not a unique scenario and mostly goes through smoothly. However, some players have reported a glitch where the agent loses her Alarmbot by pressing both keys at once. 

The Turret comes back on a cooldown, but Alarmbot gets erased from Killjoy’s gear, leaving her without an ability that costs 200 creds. It’s not a consistent bug, which means that in some situations, players may even lose the Turret, a bot that can be highly viable in re-take. 

The bug has picked up steam among new players, but older Valorant players report that the issue has existed since the agent’s release. Sometimes her Turret would disappear from the kit, or the cooldown would go on forever. While the bug isn’t game-breaking, it can most certainly break a team’s economy where Killjoy player isn’t aware of the glitch. 

Re-picking abilities together often lead to different glitches that diminish the viability of her gear. While the bug isn’t consistent, it’s better to avoid pressing ability keys simultaneously in ranked games. 

Can you reuse Killjoy’s nanoswarm? 

The genius of Germany Killjoy is equipped with two re-pickable abilities, a Turret and Alarmbot. Players can move these abilities around the map, but her nano swarm is restricted to one-time use only. Killjoy can shop a nano swarm for 200 creds and use it creatively to keep enemies away from Spike. She’s capable of carrying two pieces, which justifies the constraint on reusability. 


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