Eye of Vecna D&D

Here’s who Vecna is in Dungeons and Dragons

By Nicholas James


Apr 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Maybe you’re finishing up Stranger Things or a newcomer to D&D, but either way, here’s your rundown on who Vecna is in Dungeons and Dragons.

Vecna is one of D&D’s most classic villains, a super-powerful lich who ascended to godhood and continues to haunt the universe of D&D to this day. He’s featured in all sorts of media and often comes up as one of D&D’s most iconic villains. He’s referenced in Stranger Things, shows up in Critical Role, and can be found all over the tabletop game’s media.

Who is Vecna in Dungeons and Dragons?

Vecna was once a powerful human wizard who sought immortality through dark magic. His quest for power led him to create the Hand and Eye of Vecna, powerful magical artifacts that granted their wielders immense power at a terrible cost. The Hand and Eye were originally parts of Vecna’s own body. In modern-day D&D lore, they are powerful artifacts with remnants of his godly power.

In the game, the Hand and Eye of Vecna are coveted by adventurers and villains alike, as their power is nearly unmatched. The Hand grants the wielder incredible strength, while the Eye provides them with incredible magical abilities. However, those who use the artifacts risk being corrupted by Vecna’s malevolent influence. Depending on what lore you believe, the artifacts are cursed, driving their users to madness and destruction. After ascending to godhood, Vecna became the god of secrets. His hand and eye are the only two pieces of his original mortal form remaining.

Vecna himself is often depicted as a skeletal figure with one hand and one eye. These missing pieces are the aforementioned artifacts, both of which are imbued with powerful magic. He is said to be a master of the arcane arts, with nearly limitless spells at his disposal. Vecna’s ultimate goal is to gain complete control over the multiverse. If D&D history is anything to go by, he will stop at nothing to achieve his ends.