Here’s where to meet Melina and start leveling up in Elden Ring

By Nicholas James


Feb 26, 2022

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Depending on how a player approaches Elden Ring, they might not be able to level up for a long time. Here’s how to start leveling up as quickly as possible.

Upon first entering the open world of Elden Ring in Limgrave, it’s possible to walk in nearly any direction and find enemies to fight. However, players need to follow a trail of clues in order to progress in the game. Until they explore a certain amount, they’ll be desperately holding onto their runes.

How do you level up in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring players can start leveling up after finding three Sites of Grace in the overworld and meeting Melina.

After emerging from the dungeon beneath Limgrave and beginning the journey in the open world, players won’t let be able to level up. Like many systems in FromSoftware’s games, even leveling up is obfuscated behind a specific interaction. The best way to approach this is sprinting to three different Sites of Grace as quickly as possible.

Straight ahead after entering Limgrave and the first Site of Grace is the Church of Elleh, which contains another site. For now, it’s wise to sneak through bushes and avoid the enormous mounted Tree Sentinel patrolling the area. After reaching the Church of Elleh, there is a path full of soldiers that leads to the next Site of Grace.

From the church, go up the hill and past the Gatefront Ruins. Near the enormous stone archway that leads into Stormveil Castle is a Site of Grace. Resting here will trigger a cutscene with a mysterious woman named Melina, after your conversation with her you will be granted the ability to level up.

It’s unclear why an open-world game gates the ability to level up. It’s not uncommon for players to thoroughly explore starting areas before traveling out into the larger world.

However, meeting Melina is the only way to get the ability to level up. After meeting Melina and spending any runes they found, players ought to thoroughly clear out the Gatefront Ruins, which contains a very important item.


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