Here’s where Elden Ring takes place and why everyone hates you

By Steven Rondina


Mar 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Elden Ring takes place in an original fantasy world named the Lands Between, but details regarding this universe are kept vague from the player.

Though FromSoftware famously collaborated with A Song of Ice and Fire creator George R. R. Martin on creating the story for Elden Ring, the game’s story plays out in a way similar to Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Players effectively have a goal they need to complete and they need to figure out the “why” themselves. This is done through the occasional conversation with NPCs, but the world-building is done almost exclusively through item descriptions.

Fans that aren’t used to the epic, yet cryptic stories of FromSoftware gamesmight be uncertain about even basic story details. Here’s where Elden Ring takes place and what you need to know about the Lands Between. And no, the game doesn’t take place in Ohio.

Elden Ring takes place in the Lands Between, where you want to steal from royalty

Elden Ring’s setting is the Lands Between, a war-torn continent devastated by a group of warring demigods.

The story starts with God-Queen Marika and the God-King Godwyn. The pair ruled over the Lands Between until an unknown force killed much of their family, as well as Godwyn himself. At the same time, the Elden Ring shattered, with all this being followed by Marika’s disappearance. The surviving demigods gathered forces and battled to fill the void left by Marika and Godwyn. Each one seeks to recover pieces of the Elden Ring in order to claim the throne. The biggest contenders were General Radahn and Malenia the Severed, who fought to a standstill that destroyed the Lands Between.

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The exact nature of the Elden Ring itself isn’t clear, but it’s a source of magic with a symbiotic relationship with the Erdtree. It also serves as a sort of crown, with the holder of the Elden Ring becoming the Elden Lord. 

The pieces of the Elden Ring are now held by Marika’s children, with those pieces being referred to as Great Runes. Naturally, the player has to defeat them and put the Elden Ring back together. This puts the player and all their allies at odds with most of the game’s NPCs. This is the canonical reason for why everything wants to kill you.