Here’s the best way to use Killjoy’s ultimate in Valorant

Fariha Bhatti • August 16, 2021 10:29 pm

Killjoy’s ultimate may be dangerous, but it’s not indestructible.

Killjoy is regarded as one of the best agents in Valorant, primarily due to her Lockdown ultimate. The sentinel can jam a large area with her ultimate that strips agents of their abilities and slows them. While her powers are impressive, they are not unavoidable. A player has discovered a counter for a common attacker Killjoy ultimate spot, which might just be a bug. 

The agent has tons of standard spots to place the Lockdown device, but enemies can destroy the device if they have counter-tactics prepared. For example, defender-side Killjoy ultimate from garden was popular for a time, but players don’t use it anymore since it’s easily destructible. 

Unlike other agents, Killjoy’s Lockdown device is visible and breakable. It’s not difficult to calculate where it is once it’s deployed. By determining the device location, players can destroy the ultimate with Sova’s dart, Raze’s kit, or just by shooting at it if they have a clear line of sight. Even if they don’t have clear lines of sight, Valorant’s paper-thin walls can let enemies destroy it with wallbangs in some spots.

Because of all this, it has become relatively easy to get rid of the Sentinels’ expensive ability due to the wall bang problem in Valorant. So how can players deal with this?

How to safely use Killjoy’s ultimate

Most of the key elements of using Killjoy’s ultimate are obvious. Don’t place it out in the open, time when it’s planted relative to the spike, and so on.

Other tips to squeeze full juice out of Killjoy’s Lockdown include avoiding putting the device flush next to a wall where enemies could be, since wallbangs are highly effective in Valorant. Even if the Lockdown device can be broken, it’s still going to be harder to do if the device isn’t directly next to a wall as this maximizes damage and can make it so enemies have more difficulty lining up blind shots. 

If you must activate Lockdown near an edge, try taking two steps back from the corner before placing the device. This will make you and your Lockdown less vulnerable to fall prey to an enemy that is at the right place at the right time. Though certain wallbangs are likely bugs, odds are that players are going to have to deal with them in the long-term.


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