Hurdle in Madden NFL 23

Here’s how to hurdle in Madden NFL 23, and whether you should

By Steven Rondina


Aug 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Want to know how to hurdle in Madden NFL 23? Thankfully, it’s not particularly difficult to execute.

Football is an inherently messy game where big men knock each other over left, right, and center. This leaves bodies strewn about the field even before the ball carrier gets nearby, with knotted-up limbs and big blocks congesting the field. When a running back or wide receiver ends up in the neighborhood, they will need to either jump over or move around downed players. Jumping over them is the more expedient option 99 times out of 100.

Players will automatically hurdle over a downed player in most situations on offense in Madden NFL 23. There are many situations where players will need to manually do this in order to avoid a diving tackler or set up a big tackle. Here’s how to do this and what the tradeoff is.

How to hurdle in Madden NFL 23

Players can hurdle in Madden NFL 23 by pressing the triangle button on PlayStation controllers, or Y on an Xbox controller.

Hurdling is normally done automatically in this year’s Madden. When controlling the ball carrier and approaching a downed player, the ball carrier will bound over the player on the ground without needing any extra inputs from the player. That said, there are situations where players will want to manually control hurdling.

Madden NFL 23 dive

The most obvious circumstance would be when a defender is looking to make a diving tackle or a low tackle with the hit stick. With proper timing, this allows the ball carrier to jump cleanly over the defender when the truck stick wouldn’t be as effective. Another situation where it can be useful is diving into a pile, as it can sometimes result in gaining extra yardage.

The tradeoff for hurdles are twofold. If a player is tackled out of a hurdle, odds are that they will be stopped in their tracks from any defenders attacking from a forward direction. This can result in less yardage than using the truck stick. The player also loses speed after landing from the jump, allowing straggling defenders to bridge the gap. Most importantly, there is an increased risk of fumbling. 


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