Here’s how to find the best jungle paths in League of Legends

By Melany Moncada


Mar 29, 2020

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It’s universally acknowledged that the team that wins the jungle, wins the game. To help the new generation of junglers jumping into Summoner’s Rift, Jung.GG developed a tool that shows the optimal jungle pathing for every champion.

Season 10 changed the XP granted by jungle camps and players that aren’t accounting for this become irrelevant in the game very quickly. Optimal pathing is fundamental, like knowing when to smite and when to gank. The strategy in the jungle changes from champion to champion. While some need to take every camp to have an impact on the game, others can manage with the bare minimum.

Jarvan IV is the best example of a “bare minimum” jungler. Jarvan doesn’t need items to get the job done, his job is to set up kills, and he can do it well from level three on. Once Jarvan gains access to his ultimate, he can trap enemies and let his teammates get the kills.

Learning the basics of jungling in LoL

Jung.GG shows the most popular paths for each champion on both the red and blue sides. These examples also include possible ganks at level three before the first recall.

One thing to keep in mind about these examples is that it works for the first jungle clear of the game. After that, junglers must adapt their pathing to the state of the game.

In the early minutes, it’s better to give priority to the bottom lane and get control of the dragon pit. In season 10, League of Legends introduced a second Rift Herald. A popular strategy in pro play is to rotate the bottom lane to the top with the first Herald spawn. A Herald before 14 minutes can translate into multiple turret plates, or even a first turret.

Learning how to jungle can be a difficult task, but Jung.GG makes it easier. Check it out and get started in the jungle!



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