Here’s every Deathroot location in Elden Ring and every reward

By Steven Rondina


Mar 6, 2022

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Covenants aren’t as significant in Elden Ring as they are in past FromSoftware titles, but the Deathroot is still important.

Covenants in Dark Souls and Bloodborne were the main incentive to have players jump into PvP action. Players would jump online, find their mark, and receive an item if they managed to score the kill. Those items could be traded in for rewards as well as points towards ranking on an online leaderboard.

Things get mixed up here, though. Instead of players having to invade others’ worlds, Elden Ring players instead need to kill select bosses in order to obtain a Deathroot. From there, players can give them over to Gurranq the Beast Clergyman to receive exclusive items.

But where can players get all these items? And what do they ultimately get for trading them in? Here’s everything there is to know.

How to find Gurranq the Beast Clergyman

Gurranq the Beast Clergyman can be found at the Bestial Sanctum in the northeastern corner of Caelid.

Players can technically reach Gurranq at the very beginning of a playthrough without any incident. In fact, many players have done so in order to farm levels from the enemies in the surrounding areas.

The good news is players don’t actually need to traverse Caelid to reach Gurranq. A teleporter can be found in the bushes behind the Third Church of Marika which will drop players at the Bestial Sanctum. D, Hunter of the Undead will mark the player’s map after they find their first Deathroot. One can conveniently be found to the northwest of the church in the Summonwater Village.

The trip to visit Gurranq is one of two potential early stops in Caelid for new players. The other can yield the player the Meteorite Staff, an incredibly powerful early-game tool for intelligence casters.

All Deathroot locations in Elden Ring

There are nine Deathroots that players can turn in to Gurranq, all of which are rewards for defeating bosses. Four are Tibia Mariners that can be found in the field while the other five are bosses from minor dungeons and catacombs. Here are all of them:

  • Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village
  • Tibia Mariner in the woods directly west of Carian Study Hall
  • Tibia Mariner in the Wyndham Ruins
  • Tibia Mariner to the north of the Stargazer’s Ruins
  • Defeat the boss in the Deathtouched Catacombs west of the Saintsbridge Site of Grace in Limgrave
  • Defeat the boss in the Black Knife Catacombs in the northeastern corner of Liurnia of the Lake
  • Defeat the boss of Gelmir Hero’s Grave on Mt. Gelmir
  • Defeat the boss of the Hidden Path to the Haligtree dungeon near the Forbidden Lands’ Grand Lift of Rold
  • Defeat the boss of the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs in the Mountaintops of the Giants

It’s worth noting that, after around four Deathroots, Gurranq will suddenly become hostile towards the player. When this happens, players must fight him down to around half health. He will then return to normal and hand out more Deathroot rewards.

Elden Ring Deathroot rewards

Each Deathroot that Elden Ring players bring to Gurranq nets them a new reward. Here is every possible reward:

  1. Clawmark Seal (Sacred Seal)
  2. Bestial Sling (Incantation)
  3. Bestial Vitality (Incantation)
  4. Beast’s Roar (Ash of War)
  5. Beast Claw (Incantation)
  6. Stone of Gurranq (Incantation)
  7. Beastclaw Greathammer (Weapon)
  8. Gurranq’s Beast Claw (Incantation)
  9. Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone (Upgrade item)

Because there are five incantations, getting Deathroots is a particularly worthwhile endeavor for faith-based casters. These Incantations offer extra ranged and melee options that are both versatile and devastating.

The final reward is ultimately useful for everyone. The Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone is used to upgrade regular weapons to their +25 quality. There are only eight available in the game, making each one precious.


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