Here are what the in-game notifications mean in Pokemon Unite

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Pokemon Unite all about scoring points, but there’s no actual scoreboard. The only way players can track how they’re doing is with sporadic, vague in-game notifications. This has been bothering players since the release since of the game, as there is really no way of telling what the exact score is when playing a game of Pokemon Unite. 

The times of this uncertainty might over, at least to some degree, as a player has discovered what these in-game notifications roughly correlate to in points. When a team is behind or ahead in Pokemon Unite, a pop-up message will appear on the screen at certain points in the games. Depending on the difference in points, this message will be different. With everything from having “a huge lead”, to “REALLY struggling.” 

While these numbers are still only estimates, it’s now possible to get some insight into what these notifications really mean. So far, it has been pretty stressful to see a message saying that the team is really struggling to keep up but the difference in points might not be as big as it seems. 

What does “we’re really struggling” mean in Pokemon Unite?

According to the Redditors’ research, the message saying that a team is really struggling means that the team is losing by at least 100 points. On paper, this seems like a lot but it is only really one goal away in the last two minutes to make a comeback. On the other end of the scale, the message saying that a team has a huge lead means that the team is ahead with at least 100 points. 

The messages in between these two will be the most interesting ones as it seems that these only indicate smaller leads or disadvantages. The message saying “it’s a close battle” essentially indicates that the game could be dead even.

Pokemon Unite score message meanings:

  • We’re REALLY struggling! = 100+ points
  • We’re struggling to keep up! = 30-99 points
  • It’s a close battle! = 0-29 points
  • We’re in the lead! = 30-99 points
  • We have a huge lead! = 100+ points

For now, these numbers are the best indicators of what these notifications mean. It’s still a very inexact way to know how the game is going but it’s all players have for the time being.

Frustratingly, the recent spectate feature allows viewers to see the exact scores of the teams throughout the whole game even though the actual players can’t. If this will be added to the game following community feedback is still unknown, but it currently seems like one of the features that players want most. 


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