Here are the best items and moves for Pikachu in Pokemon Unite

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It wouldn’t be a Pokemon game without the mascot of the franchise Pikachu. In Pokemon Unite, Pikachu has been a playable Pokemon right from the beginning and remains one of the best ones to start out with as a new player. 

As many new players will likely come across trying Pikachu at some point, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of its moveset and the items it synergizes with. In Pokemon Unite, Pikachu is a squishy special ranged attacker that can dish out a lot of damage and crowd control from afar. The items to use for Pikachu will empower the damage while the best moves are very straightforward and can help teams in the offense and defense. 


Pikachu Pokemon Unite stats

To learn more about the best items and moves for Pikachu, here’s a little guide to get started.  

Best build for Pikachu in Pokemon Unite

The most important thing to realize when playing Pikachu in Pokemon Unite is that it’s a special attacker. This means that certain items will work great for Pikachu, as its abilities will do special damage and not physical damage. This is why Pikachu will be prioritizing some different items compared to other carries such as Cinderace and Zeraora.

Shell Bell

The first item for Pikachu is also what helps it sustain in drawn-out fights and close skirmishes. Shell Bell will increase the damage dealt by special moves but most importantly it reduces cooldown and heals the attacker when a special attack hits a target. As Pikachu, this healing and cooldown are crucial because it’s a Pokemon that can spam out special attacks with a very short cooldown. 

Sp. Atk. Specs

To empower the damage of Pikachu’s special attacks, Sp. Atk. Specs is the perfect option. This item will permanently increase special attack upon scoring a goal and give Pikachu the scaling options needed. Sp. Atk. Specs will also increase the damage dealt by special moves on the side.  

Wise Glasses

Last, but not least, Wise Glasses is another item to empower special attacks. Just like Sp. Atk. Specs, Wise Glasses will give a flat damage boost to special attacks but this time by a lot more. It will also increase the percent damage, which at a high level can just turn Pikachu into a deadly thunder cannon at all stages in the game.  

Best battle item for Pikachu

As the squishy Pokemon Pikachu is, Eject Button will usually be the only right choice for battle items. Pikachu can easily be caught off guard by a melee attacker and die in a split second. With Eject Button, Pikachu will have a way out that could potentially save a life or two over the course of a game. 

Pikachu Pokemon Unite

Best moveset for Pikachu in Pokemon Unite

Just like in the original games and anime series, Pikachu in Pokemon Unite has several signature electric-type moves. All these electric attacks give Pikachu a lot of carry potential in Pokemon Unite, with AOE damage and stun as its main theme. All Pikachu’s abilities will also have a long range, which enables the kiting playstyle that Pikachu does so well. 

Thunder Shock (level one)

To start out in level one, Pikachu wants Thunder Shock to be able to compete in early skirmishes and clear the wild Pokemon. With Thunder Shock, Pikachu can deal a good chunk of damage to one or more targets and at the same time provide a stun. Shortly after, Pikachu gains access to Electroweb which will help lock down a target and in general be able to burst opponents right from the get-go.  

Electro Ball (level four)

At level four, Pikachu gains access to Electro Ball which will be yet another AOE-damage move with a stun. Electro Ball will deal more damage than Thunder Shock and be a great long-range nuke to either finish opponents or defend goals. 

Thunderbolt (level six)

At level six, Pikachu really gets to do damage. Thunderbolt is a classic move from the original Pokemon games and anime, and it’s also the most viable move in Pokemon Unite. Thunderbolt will be the primary damage source from Pikachu and can be cast at a fairly short cooldown. The AOE from Thunderbolt will fit perfectly on top of goals and help clear wild Pokemon camps very quickly. Later on, Pikachu gets the chance to upgrade Thunderbolt and have it deal even more damage. 

Thunderstorm (Unite Move)

The Unite Move of Pikachu is a fun and strong one. Pikachu creates a Thunderstorm around it when activating the Unite Move, which will call down thunder on the surrounding enemies with tons of damage. Thunderstorm is great in big team fights and should be saved for when Zapdos comes around. 


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