Here are the best champions for League of Legends One for All

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One for All is back in League of Legends for the ongoing Space Groove event, letting players duke it out on Summoner’s Rift while playing the exact same champions. 

One for All has been part of the rotating game mode list for a while now and is a fan favorite in many ways. Unlike a game mode like URF, One for All isn’t fast-paced but will instead enable some hilarious combos that wouldn’t normally be possible. Everything from locking down an opponent with five Alistar combos to landing lethal bursts with five Ezreal ultimates. 

Only one’s imagination sets limits in One for All, but to help out, here are some of the best picks in the game mode.  

No one is ever safe against Karthus in One for All


The first champion to consider for a One for All team is Karthus. Karthus is a classic and works very well in One for All. The obvious reason for this is his damage and ability to become stronger the longer a game goes. Karthus is also hard to deal with in team fights, as his Death Defied passive will keep him in fights while dead. 

Opponents will also experience a bombardment of Requiem when playing against Karthus. His ultimate might have a long cooldown, but when there are five of them, it’s possible for a Karthus team to spam the Requiem ultimate whenever it’s up and punish the opponent for any aggression. In the late game, it’s truly just a matter of pressing R to win the game with Karthus in One for All. 

Impossible to escape Hecarim in One for All


Hecarim is commonly seen in the jungle in both solo queue and professional play. In One for All, the Shadow of War is also a scary champion to go up against, especially when playing a champion without mobility. A team of five Hecarim’s will be able to charge down any opponent in a split second and slip away after securing the kill. 

The reason why Hecarim is performing so well in the current meta is because of his mobility and Onslaught of Shadows ultimate. With his ultimate, Hecarim is able to turn a team fight to his advantage and charge in from any given angle. Adding four extra Hecarim ultimates to the equation will make it near impossible for squishy enemies to escape the wrath of the onslaught, which is why Hecarim is a great pick. 

Picking Hecarim in One for All will also open opportunities for some fun build paths. Hecarim benefits from movement speed, as he gets attack damage equal to a percentage of his speed through Warpath. This allows a Hecarim team to pick up an item such as Shurelya’s Battlesong to boost up both movement speed and attack damage for the whole team.   

Seraphine will make the enemy forfeit in One for All


Another popular meta champion that has made its way into One for All is Seraphine. The enchanter mage has been dominating the professional scene for a few patches now and there’s a good reason for that. All her utility is enough to secure the scaling advantage in any game, putting enemies on a clock when playing against Seraphine. 

The same goes for One for All, but on a much bigger scale. With five Seraphine’s on one team, there will be plenty of heals, shields, and movement speed to secure one win after the other. Seraphine obviously has some weaknesses as she is very squishy, but with the right kiting and skill-shot accuracy, it’s very hard to deal with the sustain Seraphine brings. 

When playing Seraphine in One for All, all five champions will be able to buff each other up through her Stage Presence passive. While casting spells near allies, Seraphine stacks up notes that give bonus magic damage and range on her next basic attack. This is a strong tool in One for All, where there will be a lot of action-packed team fights that a horde of Seraphines can dominate.  

Is One for All live in LoL? 

One for All is live on the League of Legends client throughout the Space Groove event in April 2021. The event will run until May 3 and allows players to have fun in One for All for the duration. After the event is over, it’s unknown when One for All will return to live play. 


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