Hashinshin says he was investigated by FBI, claims innocence

By Olivia Richman


Oct 7, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

League of Legends content creator Robert “Hashinshin” Brotz has been permanently banned from Twitch, but he’s still using YouTube to speak out against grooming accusations made against him this year. 

Recently, Hashinshin posted a YouTube video claiming that he was investigated by the FBI. He also claims that they found him to have been innocent. 

In the video, Hashinshin went over the timeline of events involved in the accusations against him once again, only this time he took back some of his previous apologies and admissions of guilt. He claimed that both his ex, Allie, and League of Legends player Maya “Caltys” Henckel had falsified all of the screenshots of former conversations he’d been involved in. He also stated that they had hired video editors to create fake DMs. 

Accusations against Hashinshin began in July when a Twitter user shared a compilation of Hashinshin talking to minors as young as 14. In the video, he can be seen saying he’s “not a pedophile” but has “done some pedo adjacent things.” 

Hashinshin reiterated in his recent video that he didn’t have a memory of this time period because of a gas leak that created “large gaps in my memory.” He also deleted all of his private messages on Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, allegedly because Alli felt “insecure” about the women in his DMs, so he was unable to see the conversations himself. 

This is what he said led him to admit to his wrongdoings, including “talking to underaged girls.” 

“Alli has blind-sighted me entirely by using what I did for her sake against me,” Hashinshin said. 

Hashinshin makes big claims about FBI investigation

While Hashinshin spent the entire video explaining how his words, tweets, and documents were manipulated to seem like he was guilty, he came back to the FBI investigation at the end to back up his claim. Hashinshin claimed that he “fucked up and made myself look guiltier than I am” because he “doesn’t know how to deal with public shit.” 

Hashinshin claimed that all of the screenshots of past conversations were faked, that his ex was trying to hack his Twitter, and that his accusers deleted certain posts that made his videos and responses have no context. This time around, Hashinshin stated that he wasn’t guilty in any way, something the FBI has also confirmed by saying he’s innocent. 

“Things aren’t as they seem here. Regardless of what you believe, I’m not a rich and powerful figure. I don’t get away with things by being rich and powerful. I was investigated and they didn’t find I did anything. You have to believe in innocent until proven guilty,” Hashinshin said to his viewers. 

Many in the League of Legends community have cast doubt on Hashinshin’s claims. Some find it a stretch to believe that multiple accusers would have gone to such lengths to falsify evidence against him, some of which he also apologized for only to later take back his apology. His implying that he’d lost key parts of his memory due to a gas leak has also been questioned.

According to Hashinshin, he’s been working to better himself over the past two years, and the people who assumed he was guilty did so simply because they “didn’t like [him].”

Read how Hashinshin responds to accusations of grooming a minor.


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