Hashinshin permanently banned from Twitch for grooming minors

By Olivia Richman


Jul 23, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

After months of sexual assault and rape accusations against popular Twitch streamers, the platform seems to be taking serios action against some of those accused. 

Esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau tweeted earlier today that League of Legends content creator Robert “Hashinshin” Brotz has been permanently banned from Twitch for grooming a minor

In the tweet, Slasher states that a source told him that one of Hashinshin’s victims had made a report directly to Twitch, leading to the League of Legends streamer’s permanent ban. 

Hashinshin confirmed the ban soon after. 

“It’s an indefinite permanent ban. Starting to regret giving away my money but I know people needed it at the time. I’ll figure something out,” Hashinshin tweeted. 

Hashinshin reportedly banned from Twitch for grooming a minor

Multiple women had come forward with stories of Hashinshin flirting with them while they were underaged, including asking for pictures. 

In response, Hashinshin created a YouTube video calling the allegations fabricated and claiming that the women were using Photoshop to frame him. Many of his fans stuck by his side at the time. 

Pro League of Legends player Maya “Caltys” Henckel then decided to share her story, which was eerily similar to those of the other alleged victims. The only difference was the amount of proof Caltys had in her Google doc outlining the grooming behavior. 

There were so many screenshots from so many different platforms that Hashinshin seemed unable to deny Caltys’ story quite so easily. He posted a TwitLonger in which he ceased his denial of the allegations. Instead, he claimed he couldn’t remember what he’d done in the past. Hashinshin also blamed mental illness and loneliness for what he’d apparently done. 

Around that time, Hashinshin started tweeting that he was checking into a hospital after claiming to have attempted suicide. 

As more prominent figures in the streaming community started calling out Hashinshin, the streamer decided to take back his apology and deny the grooming allegations once again. The new video he posted also blamed his instability for his actions. 

In another turn of events, Hashinshin tweeted that he actually had engaged in “inappropriate conversations with teenage women.” He apologized to his fans, saying he would continue to better himself moving forward. 

While he stated that he had never received naked photos from these women nor sent any such photos to them, he apologized to two of the women who had accused him, including Caltys. 

“Fair enough. I’ll earn forgiveness. Put every bit of hate on me you can muster up. Just be ready to see me later and say I’ve earned your forgiveness. I won’t carry a grudge against any of you for anything you say now,” Hashinshin tweeted shortly after being banned from Twitch. 


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