Hasbro to produce new line of Overwatch figures

Morten Marstal • February 20, 12:32

Collectors are rejoicing after an announcement from Hasbro that they are teaming up with Blizzard to release new Overwatch action figures.

The popular shooter is getting figures featuring nine of the game’s characters, including Lucio, Sombra, Tracer, Reinhardt, Anna, Soldier 76, Pharah, Mercy, and Blackwatch Reaper. The figures will have posable appendages and stand six inches tall. All the props you’d expect from each character will also be included.

Pricing starts at $20 each for individual figures. IDouble packs will also be sold. One includes Pharah and Mercy, and the other includes Soldier 76 and Ana,. Each pack will cost $50 according to Gamestop.

The only outlier in the pricing is Reinhardt, who stands quite a bit wider than the rest of the crew and is accompanied by a large shield and his rocket hammer. This more complex and intricate figure will cost $50 by itself.

In addition to the figures, collectors can look out for an Overwatch themed Monopoly board game, as well as mini dart blasters based on Lucio, Roadhog and Mei’s weaponry, each sold for $10. Around Halloween, some Overwatch themed masks will be released for $20 each.

2018 Nerf, a toy brand owned by Hasbro,  announced in 2018 that it was making Overwatch dart guns. So far, the D.Va pistol, McCree Revolver, and Reaper shotgun have been released. They cost $30, $40, and $130, respectively. The Reaper package comes with two twin guns and a replica mask.

All of the figures are available for preorder now, and currently have a release date of April 30. Hasbro has said that most major retailers will carry the products.


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