HarryHook released from Dallas Fuel for sexist comments

By Olivia Richman


Aug 6, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

The Dallas Fuel released support Jonathan “HarryHook” Tejedor Rua soon after the Overwatch League pro was accused of making sexist comments to women online. 

“Today, we informed Jonathan ‘HarryHook’ Tejedor Rua of his release from the Dallas Fuel as a result of player misconduct. We thank him for his four years with the organization and wish him the best in the future,” the team tweeted

Despite being such a prominent player on the team, the Dalls Fuel made the decision after a Twitter user named Regina revealed some conversations between her and HarryHook. In the screenshots, Regina confronted HarryHook for calling women “whores” and “meat.” She claimed he also told that her multipile times that women don’t deserve equality. 

In response, HarryHook said that some women are “just bitches,” and some are “just whores.” 

“For the most part, I do believe that things should be settled privately (that’s to you, well spoken gentleman on Reddit, heh),” Regina tweeted after sharing the screenshots. “However in this case it is REALLY inappropriate behavior, especially for a professional.” 

After being released from the Dallas Fuel, HarryHook sent out a tweet 10 minutes later in which he said the entire situation wasn’t a big deal.

“Not gonna make a big deal of it. I tried to help this person for some time, and all I was getting shit on. This person want more than just being friends, I told her no, she wanted more attention, well… I can’t give it, that’s it. Sorry for calling some girls whores,” HarryHook said

Many women in the Overwatch community were quick to criticize his apology. One Twitter user called it the “worst apologies” she’d ever seen, prompting HarryHook to continue defending himself on Twitter. 

“Is it? It’s 2020 and I’m getting fired for saying some girls are whores? Like they are pure as f? You never did anything wrong? F off,” he retorted. 

The Twitter user told him to “improve” himself in response. 

“Improve what? In fact, who the fuck are you? I don’t even talk to you in my entire life. I wanted to be alone and people can’t respect that. If people cant respect that, well FUCK PEOPLE,” he said. 

Dallas Fuel sexism

An hour after being dropped from Dallas Fuel, HarryHook told his fans that he was “okay” and they shouldn’t worry about him. 

Despite his sexist remarks, many Overwatch fans felt that he was a victim of “cancel culture.” Some of HarryHook’s fans also claimed that his statements were about an ex-girlfriend who had abused him, proposing that this would in some way validate his harsh words towards women. 

While HarryHook definitely had some sympathizers, most in the Overwatch community were baffled with Dallas Fuel even bothering to thank their former support after what he had said. Many compared the seemingly warm farewell to how the Dallas Fuel had worded their goodbye to Gui-Un “Decay” Jang. Dallas Fuel staff tweeted that Decay “didn’t cooperate” with the team, resulting in a very cold and unemotional statement on his departure. 

Dallas Fuel drop HarryHook