Harry Potter wands

Harry Potter wands: The most powerful wands and their cores

By Fariha Bhatti


May 23, 2023

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A wand chooses its wizard; that’s how powerful the thin wood branches are in Hogwarts. Here’s a list of all the powerful wands in Harry Potter. 

Wands are an essential part of the wizarding world in Harry Potter. They are tools that allow witches and wizards to channel their magical abilities to cast spells. Wands are typically made of wood with a magical core, such as a dragon heartstring, phoenix feather, or unicorn hair. The type of wood and core used in a wand can affect its power and the spells it can cast.

In the Harry Potter universe, wands are also personalized to their owners. They often reflect aspects of their personality or history. For example, Harry Potter’s wand is made of holly, which is traditionally associated with protection and healing. It also contains a phoenix feather, which represents rebirth and transformation.

The list of Harry Potter wands

Each Harry Potter character had a unique wand that chose their wizard. Here are the wands of the most notable wizards in Harry Potter with their cores and woods. 

Harry Potter’s wand

Harry Potter Wand

Harry Potter’s wand is one of the most iconic wands in the series. It is made of holly wood with a phoenix feather core and is 11 inches long. Harry’s wand is known for its exceptional power and its ability to work well in duels.

It is also said that the phoenix feather core makes Harry’s wand the brother wand to Lord Voldemort’s wand, which is made of yew wood with a phoenix feather core.

Ron Weasley’s wand

Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley’s wand is made of willow wood with a unicorn hair core and is 14 inches long. Ron’s wand is known for its flexibility and its ability to work well in defensive spells. It is also said that Ron’s wand has a tendency to backfire when he is nervous or under pressure.

Hermione Granger’s wand


Hermione Granger’s wand is made of vine wood with a dragon heartstring core and is 10 ¾ inches long. Hermione’s wand is known for its precision and its ability to perform complex spells. It is also said that vinewood wands are often used by highly intelligent witches and wizards with a strong sense of intuition.

Wands of notable characters in Harry Potter

Harry Potter Voldemort

Voldemort’s wand 

This powerful wand was known for its dark and menacing nature. Voldemort’s wand was responsible for numerous dark deeds and played a significant part in the Wizarding War.

  • Wood: Yew 
  • Core: Phoenix feather 
  • Length: 13½ inches 

Albus Dumbledore’s wand

The Elder Wand, considered the most powerful wand in existence, was the legendary wand of Albus Dumbledore. Its mastery bestowed unrivaled power upon its possessor.

  • Wood: Elder 
  • Core: Thestral tail hair 
  • Length: 15 inches 

Draco Malfoy’s wand

This wand changed allegiance during the Battle of Malfoy Manor, signifying Draco’s internal struggle and ultimate redemption.

  • Wood: Hawthorn 
  • Core: Unicorn hair 
  • Length: 10 inches 

Bellatrix Lestrange’s wand 

A wand befitting its owner, Bellatrix’s wand was known for its fierce and unpredictable nature, reflecting her loyalty to the Dark Lord.

  • Wood: Walnut 
  • Core: Dragon heartstring 
  • Length: 12¾ inches 

Gellert Grindelwald’s wand 

Before it became Dumbledore’s wand, the Elder Wand was in possession of the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald. It played a significant role in the events leading up to the rise of Voldemort.

  • Wood: Elder 
  • Core: Thestral tail hair 
  • Length: 15 inches 

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