Halloween Terror returns to Overwatch

Rebekah Drake • November 1, 15:30

The latest update to Overwatch has started this year’s Halloween Terror event, bringing the return of the Junkenstien’s Revenge game mode and a variety of new cosmetics.

This year, nine new skins have have been introduced for the event, with six being legendary and three being epic. The legendary skins in particular are very detailed this year, with Doomfist’s swamp wonster skin making water splashes when he walks. Pharah has a new enchanted armor skin that features armor without a body and falls to pieces when the hero is killed.

Moira, Solider:76, Wrecking Ball, and Sombra have the remaining legendary skins this year, dressing as a banshee, a slasher movie villain, a jack-o’-lantern, and a zombie bride respectively. Mei, Widowmaker, and McCree have the epic skins.

New skins aren’t the only cosmetics this year, as there’s a collection of new voice lines and Halloween-themed icons. Bastion can now walk like a zombie with his new emote, Brigitte and Winston both have new highlight introductions, and pumpkin-themed victory poses have been given to all heroes that didn’t yet have one.

All previously released Halloween Terror cosmetics are also available for purchase during the event, and will be available at the reduced price of non-event skins.

The deathmatch map Château Guillard has also been decorated for the event with floating candles in the library and a laboratory that hints at the creation of Sombra’s new skin. The map decorations from previous years also make a return, giving both Eichenwalde and Hollywood themed looks.

When signing in for the first time, players will get a chance to earn a free themed loot box that will guarantee at least one themed item. As the event runs until October 31, players have until then to collect their free loot box.


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