Glintstone Key location and where to use it in Elden Ring

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The Glintstone Key in Elden Ring grants access to Raya Lucaria, the second location on any Tarnished’s journey to restore the Elden Ring.

When first approaching the Raya Lucaria South Gate, Elden Ring players can loot a small map from a corpse. The Meeting Place Map reveals where players can find a Glintstone Key, but it’s difficult to read and doesn’t give much information.

To find it faster, head to the small island just west of Raya Lucaria. Now the only thing standing between the player and the Glintstone Key location is a gigantic, angry, magic-resistant dragon.

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The Glintstone Key’s location in Elden Ring.

Glintstone Dragon Smarag is a world boss with a ton of health and magic resistance. The fight is completely optional, as players can simply snag the Glintstone Key from its resting location and run away on horseback. If you do plan to fight it, just know that Smarag takes almost no damage from magic.

Astrologer players might want to stick with melee weapons, but gravity sorceries can still knock a chunk from Smarag’s health bar. The reward for defeating him is 14,000 runes and a Dragon Heart to use at the Church of Dragon Communion.

How to advance Thops’ storyline with the Glintstone Key

While roaming the Lands Between, Elden RIng players might come across a budding sorcerer named Thops to the east of Stormveil Castle. Thops claims to be a student at Raya Lucaria and requests a key to enter his school. Most players won’t have it at the time they meet him, but returning later and giving him the key will advance Thops’ quest in Elden Ring. 

After returning the key, you can check on Thops’ progress by visiting the Schoolhouse Classroom in Raya Lucaria. As with most Elden Ring NPC quests, this one doesn’t come with a happy ending. At the very least, Tarnished can grab a unique barrier spell and catalyst for their efforts.


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