Germany to introduce new esports visa in spring 2020

By Marta Juras


Dec 22, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Germany is taking big steps to make itself an even greater esports destination. The country is introducing a new esports-focused visa that will allow players and tournament organizers to streamline the process of arranging competitions in the country.

Esport-Bund Deutschland shared that the German Federal Government and the States approved the decision of bringing the esports visa to the country on December 21st. The new visa comes after the approval of changes to the Skilled Immigration Act and is the first one its kind in the world.

New visa shows German appreciation for esports

The new German esports visa is planned to come into effect in spring 2020. Reasons for its implementation include easier recruitment of foreign players, coaches, and analysts for German teams, as well as further boosting the Germain esports scene by making it easy to run tournaments.

“This development may serve as a model for other nations,” president of the ESBD Hans Jagnow commented. “The visa requirements for esports professionals should be harmonized internationally in order to allow easy access to tournaments and leagues for esports athletes all over the world.”

Jagnow also added Germany will be hosting more international events in 2020.

The process of crafting the legislation and getting it approved took over two years, but the plights routinely facing tournament organizers and teams hasn’t gone unnoticed. Germany doesn’t want to see an organization fail to attend an event simply because of the complicated process with visa approval, and doesn’t want to potentially chase off tournament organizers with troublesome immigration requirements.

Of course, there will still be certain requirements for the esports visa, including minimum salary, official confirmation of professional activity, and being older than 16. The ESBD will work with stakeholders such as Riot Games and ESL in making the process as smooth and reliable as possible.