Gen.G upsets Griffin, ends winning streak with surprise Volibear pick

By Tom Beer


Jul 12, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Griffin’s impressive 10-game winning streak has come to an end.

In the final game of the LCK Summer Split’s first round robin, Gen.G managed to pull off a massive upset by defeating LCK leaders Griffin 2-0, creating a three way tie at the top of the LCK standings. The defeat was the first 0-2 loss that Griffin has suffered in the split.

Griffin were shaken by the draft of game one with Kim “Life” Jeong-min locking in Volibear in the support role. This marked the first time that the champion had been picked in the LCK since 2013.

The first game was in Griffin’s control until Gen.G seized the advantage with a five for two trade that allowed them to secure an Infernal Drake. Despite being beaten to the objective, a perfectly thrown Sejuani ultimate from Han “Peanut” Wang-ho connected with Griffin ADC Park “Viper” Do-hyeon, instantly removing a huge source of damage. After that key moment, Gen.G strangled Griffin at every opportunity to win the game in just 32 minutes.

Griffin nearly bounced back in game two after banning Volibear away from Life.

At 39 minutes, they had secured two Baron buffs and won a teamfight around the Elder Drake, which they also nabbed. Things looked set to go to game three until Griffin pushed for too long and got caught sieging Gen.G’s mid inhibitor turret. Another superb Sejuani ultimate won Gen.G the fight and allowed them to push up mid to take the nexus.

The win comes as a huge boost to Gen.G who now sit at 5th place with a record of 5-4. The victory keeps their hopes of securing a playoff spot alive.

Griffin will look to rebound from this with a series against Afreeca Freecs. Gen.G will look to build further momentum at the expense of seventh-place Hanwha Life Esports.


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