Gardevoir coming to Pokemon Unite in the immediate future

Steven Rondina • July 27, 14:25

 Pokemon Unite has only been out for a week but it’s already set to receive its first significant new content release.

According to a trailer released on the Japanese Pokemon Unite YouTube channel, Gardevoir is set to be released within the next 24 hours. This will establish the Pokemon as the first post-release playable character, adding some intriguing new wrinkles to the game. A trailer showing some of Gardevoir’s skills and capabilities was shown along with the announcement. 

Gardevoir is based around dealing AOE damage. Though none of their abilities were named, it’s shown that Gardevoir has an option between two AOE moves that deal either damage over timer a single burst of damage on a timer. Alongside this, Gardevoir has an attack like Shadow Ball as well as the ability to surround itself with a barrier. Gardevoir’s Unite move looks like Enigma’s Black Hole from Dota 2, creating an AOE that pulls enemy units towards the center.

It’s uncertain how much Gardevoir will cost in Pokemon Unite but licenses cost between 6,000 and 12,000 Aeos Coins or 345 and 575 Aeos Gems. 

What new Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Unite?

Gardevoir is coming to Pokemon Unite in the immediate future but it’s been shown that other Pokemon are also coming out along the line. Though none have been revealed officially, Blastoise was shown in some of the game’s earlier trailer and some of the game’s artwork and promotional materials. But the evolution Pokemon wasn’t available on launch. Odds are Blastoise will be the next Pokemon added to Pokemon Unite.

After Gardevoir and Blastoise, it’s anyone’s guess as to who might come next. Some of the most likely candidates are Zoroark, Tyranitar, or Mimikyu. But Pokemon like Cramorant showed that almost any Pokemon could wind up making the cut.

It’s unclear what sort of schedule Pokemon Unite will have in terms of new content, so fans could see Blastoise or other Pokemon added in the near future or not for a long while.


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