Game-breaking Killjoy trick makes it impossible to defuse spike

Fariha Bhatti • August 23, 2021 9:32 pm

Killjoy’s kit has been used in unexpected ways lately and this new post-plant setup is another addition to the list, with out-of-bounds Nanoswarm grenades making it impossible to defuse the spike. 

Killjoy may not be a DPS hero on paper, but she’s still capable of blowing up enemies. A pair of grenades can bleed an enemy to death and Killjoy mains use this to their advantage. The current post-plant meta has made winning a cakewalk for Killjoy players, especially when lineups like this one exist. 

A Reddit user has discovered that you can throw Killjoy’s Nanoswarm outside the playable area, making it bulletproof.

While Killjoy’s Nanoswarms are undeniably deadly, they’re not invincible. The tough-to-spot grenades make a subtle noise when a player walks closer to them, making it easier for players to stay safe. Once detected, they can also be destroyed. But this new lineup makes it impossible for Defenders to defuse the Spike. 

For this setup, the Nanoswarm grenades land behind a wall in an out-of-bounds area, making them invisible and impossible to break. Upon activation, players standing close to the Spike have no other option but to wait for the two grenades to run their course. This puts Defenders at a massive disadvantage that makes it almost impossible to defuse the spike in a one-on-one situation. 

The attacking Killjoy could place two Nanoswarms outside the map and activate each upon the defusal sound cue. One grenade lasts for four seconds, so Killjoy can easily run down the timer by forcing defenders to repeatedly stop defusing. Even if a defender tries to go after the Killjoy, she can just back away and run down the timer to ensure a round win. 

Here’s how you can replicate this lineup in-game: 

  • Plant the Spike closer to the Split corner
  • Place your crosshair on top of the wall 
  • Throw the grenades in a way that they hit the wall 
  • Activate the Nanoswarm on Spike sound cue 

This trick can be game-changing in ranked matches on Split. It’s still unknown whether this is a bug or an intentional mechanic, but it’s likely unintended as it leaves no possibility to defuse the spike. It will likely be patched at some point but for now, it can be game-breaking for Defenders.

If this trick catches on, it will forcibly shift the Ascent meta to aggressive play from defenders due to the impossibility of retakes.


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